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Synonyms for commonness

the state of being that is commonly observed


Related Words

the quality of lacking taste and refinement

ordinariness as a consequence of being frequent and commonplace

sharing of common attributes


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In the Houston area, the commonness of storms and flooding caused many to ignore the warnings, assuming their homes were safe and their vehicles sufficient to get them to safety.
HIV commonness, grown-up is the percentage of the populace ages 15 to 49 with HIV positive.
The commonness of PIP is hard to gauge; be that as it may, in an investigation of more noteworthy than 100 casualties with action safe incomplete epilepsy, predominance of consuming encountered postictal maniacal indications were observed to be seven percent (Kanner et al 2004).
It was our national obligation to conserve this rich cultural heritage for which the government of Punjab had been collaborating with Norway, Italy and Germany, but the Republic of Turkey had more similarities and commonness with Pakistan as regards cultural heritage of both the brotherly Islamic states, he remarked.
Moreover, the performance by Footwings created a perfect ambience of sound, rhythm and vocals which brought the people together on single platform and shared the commonness.
The commonness of this sort of badfaith story cobbling is why it is surprising to me that the Native American detective seems to be a rather late invention in the mystery and really only becomes a distinctive item on bookstore shelves after Tony Hillerman's The Blessing Way (1970) and Dance Hall of the Dead (1973), a multiple award winner.
In fact, such is the commonness of these establishments in recent years that one after the other rarely stands the test of time.
The endless variety of the sense of distraction is determined by its universality, commonness with other values and the fact that it is the matter of taste of every person.
In present investigations on the prevalence of helminthes studied that the commonness and parasitic load of cestodes was found more common than the nematodes in the intestine of pigeon (Columba livia).
There are noticeable variations in the commonness and prevalence of CKD in the pediatric people crossways the countries.
The two sides expressed satisfaction on warm and brotherly relationship between Pakistan and Egypt, which are rooted in commonness of religion, history and culture.
The reasons lie in the commonness of the symptoms of the disease, in which the pancreas becomes inflamed.
Objective: Rare species have long been the focus of conservation attention, but the commonness or rarity of particular characteristics or phenotypes is generally ignored.
The ugly truth that we still have huge numbers of useless entities, employees, and advisors does indicate an acute absence of coordination between bureaus, weakness of communication networks, waste of financial and human resources, commonness of favouritism and so many other negative aspects of socioeconomic backwardness.