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In addition to its commonality findings, the Rikos court also distinguished Wal-Mart to determine that the district court did not abuse its discretion by holding that the plaintiff claims were typical of the class.
Kearney said, This directorate brings together billets and personnel dedicated to moving forward commonality of people, parts and processes through promoting and enabling exchange within government and between government and industry.
But immediately, Palumbo-Liu turns on his own celebration of the "inexact exchange theory" (131), questioning the series of assumptions necessary to overlook the patent material inequity and injury in this severe instance of "otherness." Such is the dialectical argumentation paradigmatic of this book, in which the "deliverance of others" is ultimately bound to the potential and limitation of human commonality.
Commonality, the sharing of parts or processes across different products, has long been popular in commercial industries such as automotives and electronics because it reduces life-cycle costs and improves reliability.
I think "Shapes & Patterns" is a wonderfully laid out book for helping minds think beyond the common and see the commonality in all things.
truly illustrates the complexity of HIV-associated lipodystrophy--a complexity which may be partly due to the commonality this syndrome shares with other diseases and disorders that we have been studying for decades in the general population.
The 747-8F, which has a common pilot type rating and more than 70 percent parts commonality with the 747-400F, assures Atlas a seamless and low-cost introduction of the new airplane into its fleet.
As a further move toward integration and commonality, in 1993, PMA253 was formally disestablished and all of its TACAIR components were assimilated into PMA272.
This commonality, along with their varied skill sets, provide valuable insight into the major industrial and economic issues faced by Northerners, which indirectly helps the business.
We examine commonality in order imbalances across different types of securities and find that the extent of commonality is greater than previously documented.
Counselors can point out the commonality of their experiences and create a sense of belonging (Tileston, 2000).
Do these discoveries have a commonality? Were the scientists who were responsible for these insights immediately aware of their significance?
Overall, the commonality--where one part can replace another directly--on the two cars is under 10%." Most of that commonality, he says, is fasteners.
The newest emerging approach available for backup and recovery uses a patented technology called commonality factoring which greatly reduces the amount of data being backed up and therefore reduces the recovery time.