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Synonyms for commonality

Synonyms for commonality

a class composed of persons lacking clerical or noble rank

sharing of common attributes

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In addition to its commonality findings, the Rikos court also distinguished Wal-Mart to determine that the district court did not abuse its discretion by holding that the plaintiff claims were typical of the class.
Kearney said, This directorate brings together billets and personnel dedicated to moving forward commonality of people, parts and processes through promoting and enabling exchange within government and between government and industry.
Such is the dialectical argumentation paradigmatic of this book, in which the "deliverance of others" is ultimately bound to the potential and limitation of human commonality.
Today, commonality is enjoying increasing interest from the defense industry as the emphasis on life-cycle affordability strengthens (Brown & Flowe, 2005).
The newest emerging approach available for backup and recovery uses a patented technology called commonality factoring which greatly reduces the amount of data being backed up and therefore reduces the recovery time.
led coalitions requires more than simple hardware commonality.
The two machines have the exact same engine, meaning that they share a high parts commonality.
I believe that Don's and my arrangement (has) helped make the sale because of the immediate commonality.
It feels unfamiliar, but then we see the commonality among us all.
Norrell, the book Common Ground aims to illustrate in its small powers both the diversity and commonality of man--our earthly community, so to speak.
Business Process Outsourcing will eventually level the playing field and create a commonality with outsourced services.
Jessica learns that they all share a special commonality.
Most of the architecture requirements for UAV commonality are being defined today, but compliance with them is not being mandated," the study said.
If you can feel that commonality with people in the past from Iran and Iraq, you can also feel that in the present.
I found these occasions spiritually rewarding and appreciated the opportunity of sharing the commonality of Christian fellowship and growing through Christ.