common-law marriage

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a marriage relationship created by agreement and cohabitation rather than by ceremony

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Virginia does not recognize common-law marriage based on conduct in the commonwealth, but Bartholomew argues that the parties' one-night stay in D.C.
(89) Courts expressed worry when many people started to "believe that common-law marriage and living in adultery are synonomous [sic] terms." (90) Problems also arose because many people did not view common law marriages as permanent.
Emancipation, Reconstruction, and the resulting efforts to secure legal equality for African Americans generated conflicting pressures on common-law marriage in Louisiana.
As for marital status, the sample contained 179 married, 15 single and 55 women living in common-law marriage, with 2 women marking "other" form of marital status, and 3 women not giving any answer to this question at all.
Coren emphasizes that it is not really a question of same-sex (or even polygamous) marriage, but of "the status and meaning of marriage." When society began to accept "common-law marriage," the whole idea of a mom and dad nurturing a family of children and helping to stabilize society went right out the window.
The law entered into effect on January 2008 and regulates common-law marriage for different-or same-sex couples throughout the nation.
While common-law marriage may be recognized in only a few states today, informal unions between one man and two or more women are not unknown in contemporary America.
In the past, "common-law marriage" could be established by long cohabitation that creates a presumption that the parties had married.
We made marriage common when we, well, accepted common-law marriage. There is no such thing.
Cohabitation, or common-law marriage, sometimes under the guise of delayed registration, resulted in illegitimate children, "very high divorce rates and very short duration of marriages before divorce" (p.
A CAMPAIGN to eliminate the phrase "common-law marriage" from official English has been launched.
(2) The old legal category of common-law marriage recognized that marriage can happen without the participation of court clerk or church cleric.
Layton is likely to work in step with them in a relationship that resembles a political common-law marriage, or a "going-steady-for-a-while" arrangement.
Martin Jones, the website's director, said: 'The idea of 'common-law marriage' is a myth.