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a benign growth (often with a rough surface)

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Horn and Johnson began experimenting with immunotherapy for common warts in 1999.
Washington, Sep 14 (ANI): A new study has found that Cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen is the most effective method to remove common warts.
Dow has products in clinical development for the treatment of rosacea, moderate to severe acne, fungal infections and common warts.
Human papilloma virus: "A double-stranded DNA virus of the genus Papillomavirus (species Human papillomavirus) that has numerous genotypes causing various human warts (as the common warts of the extremities, plantar warts, and genital warts) including some associated with the production of cervical cancer--called also HPV.
And not all lesions need biopsy: Filiform warts, common warts, and small nodular warts are unlikely to show high-risk HPV or dysplasia.
lesions such as common warts of the hands and feet.
Common warts occur mainly on the hands and are round and firm with a rough, raised surface.
All-purpose duct tape, a household fix-it favorite, can also remove common warts according to a study at the Madigan Army Medical Center near Tacoma, Washington.