common spotted orchid

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European orchid having lanceolate leaves spotted purple and pink to white or mauve flowers spotted or lined deep red or purple

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The botanist told the Echo: "This hyper chronic form of the common spotted orchid with its excess of pigment and colour in a solid blotch of beautiful crimson spikes is very rare.
GARDEN'S ROSY: Volunteer gardener Frank Donaghey at St Philip's Church, Birchencliffe * DELICATE FLOWER: The common spotted orchid - or Dactylorhiza fuchsii - at Birchencliffe JH150611Abirchencliffe-02.
CNS was delighted in 2007 when its members discovered two rhodochila variants of the Common Spotted Orchid on the roundabout.
There is a nature reserve right on the path, where you can see the common spotted orchid this time of year.
These are betony, cowslip, meadow cranesbill, lady's bedstraw, meadow vetchling, red clover, meadow sweet, common spotted orchid, eyebright, common dog violet, knapweed and devil's-bit scabious.
Gwenno Griffith, from the National Trust at Plas Newydd, said: "Among the great display of wildflowers there you will find the common spotted orchid, northern marsh orchid and the greater butterfly orchid.
The abundant plant life includes agrimony, Dyer's greenweed, St John's wort, adder's-tongue fern, cowslip and common twayblade, as well as early purple orchid, common spotted orchid, bee orchid, and greater butterfly orchid, which occur in glades in the scrub.
David also produced a Bird of Prey seat, whose site commands views of the tree tops, a large carving of a common spotted orchid and a long eared bat.
The chicken wire stops the plants being eaten by mammals, but farther down the Meadow Path, purple loosestrife, common spotted orchid, common centaury self-heal and yellow bartsia needed no such protection.
Bogs are also found in wetter areas and are cushioned by sphagnum mosses with sedges, bog pimpernel, common spotted orchid for company.
Not only that, they were orchids, about 100 common spotted orchid stems.
Wrexham MP Ian Lucas joined North Wales Wildlife Trust's (NWWT) Living Landscape officer Jonathan Hulson and volunteer Jack Halpin to plant some Common Spotted Orchids on the estate.
At Plas Newydd, greater butterfly and common spotted orchids flourish Other Welsh meadows include Winllan, in Ceredigion, Moss Hill, in Conwy, y Bryncarnau, in Rhondda Cynon Taf,a Caeau Tan-y-Bwlch, a in Gwynedd, Newgrove Meadows and New House Farm, in Monmouthshire, Mountain Meadows, in Pembrokeshire, and Berthlwyd, Ty B T rith and Caeau Penglaneinon (all in Powys).
It has two large lakes with fringing reedbeds, grasslands and newly planted woodland and is also the place to see northern marsh, lesser butterfly and common spotted orchids.
1992 Best year to date for Orchids, estimated at 4,000 Northern Marsh Orchids and 500 Common Spotted Orchids.