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1) if the volume-weighted average price, calculated excluding some transactions on the relevant date that would not qualify for a regulatory safe harbor relating to issuer repurchase transactions, of the Company's common shares on the valuation date for such component is less than or equal to $11.
Accordingly, the Sputnik Group announces that the Sputnik Group, the Drake Group and Field Nominees, own and control, in the aggregate, 4,125,300 common shares of Innova, representing approximately 10.
The Preferred Shares will only be converted into Common Shares after the Preferred shareholders surrender their preferred share certificates to any of the Company's addresses in Canada, Philippines or the U.
Pursuant to the Amalgamation, the holders of Cannasat Common Shares and Cannasat Class A Shares received Amalco Common Shares with a deemed value of $0.
Acquireco"), a private non-arm's length company controlled by certain officers of Direct IT, in consideration for the assumption of all liabilities of the existing business and operations of Direct IT plus 1,020,000 common shares of Direct IT.
now holds an aggregate of 10,630,645 common shares of the Corporation, representing 14.
Wingate also received an Agent's Warrant with a term of two years from the date of the issuance of the Agent's Warrant for 20,000 warrants each entitling Wingate to purchase one common share of Icefloe at an exercise price of $0.
As a result, he will directly and indirectly own 6,152,336 common shares compared to 568,000 common shares and his ownership will increase to 3.
Following this closing, 201,000 Common Shares, 543,000 flow through shares and 382,000 Common Share Purchase Warrants will be issued for the subscription of the A and B Units.
Under the terms of the letter agreement, Newco completed a private placement on December 21, 2005 of 15,000,000 Newco common shares (the "Newco Common Shares") at $0.
As additional consideration Desjardins Securities will receive broker's warrants, representing 10% of the total number of common shares comprised in the subscribed Units A and Units B, each broker's warrant entitling it to acquire one Unit A at the price of $0.
TSX:GDS) intends to purchase a maximum of 765,799 of its Common shares, being five (5%) percent of the 15,315,986 currently issued and outstanding Common shares.
As a result of these conversions, 9,329,705 common shares, 7,700,255 warrants to acquire common shares at a price of $0.
NYSE: VGR) to purchase all of the outstanding common shares of New Valley that it does not already own.