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small spotted seal of coastal waters of the northern hemisphere

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Both grey and common seals regularly live for over 30 years, although a female grey seal in the Shetland Islands was known to have lived to the ripe old age of 46.
Langass sea loch, where common seals can be spotted Monty Hall is currently on our TV screens in Monty Hall's Great Hebridean Escape in which the Uists feature
Common seals are "puppy like" in their facial appearance with big sad eyes and joined up nostrils, unlike greys whose nostrils are set parallel to one another.
While dolphins are the main attraction, a host of seabirds and grey and common seals are also sighted all year round, while summer visitors include minke whales and the occasional basking shark.
Red deer, otters and common seals share the shores of this wild loch with just 2000 people as well as a wealth of diving and wading birds including beautiful redthroated divers and the magnificent sea eagle.
Grey Seals Grey seals frequent rocky shores, coastal reefs and coves around West Wales, while common seals are limited to the area around Pembrokeshire and Skomer Island.
SUMMER is the best time to take a seal cruise to Blakeney Point, Norfolk, when the common seals are raising their young.
As we got closer to Puffin Island we saw several common seals swimming around the coastline.
Meanwhile, the scientists monitoring the turbine's effect are focusing on two things: the effect it has on the seabed, and the effect that SeaGen's two rotors have on the large populations of grey and common seals living in the lough.
Half the world's population of grey and common seals - an estimated 120,000 - live off the UK coast.
New Access loaders feature an angled canister, hinged lid, consolidated terminals and pneumatics, and modular valves with common seals.
Now, despite outbreaks of distemper which killed hundreds of them, there are an estimated 190,000 grey and common seals in Scottish waters, increasing by about five per cent per annum.
In 1988, an outbreak of PDV caused the deaths of around 18,000 common seals and up to 400 grey seals.