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small spotted seal of coastal waters of the northern hemisphere

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In 1988, an outbreak of PDV caused the deaths of around 18,000 common seals and up to 400 grey seals.
Efforts to improve water quality in the Tyne have been so successful that the men who erected the Gateshead Millennium Bridge were very pleasantly surprised to find they were doing so in the company of a common seal.
Staff at the Renfrew Ferry discovered the common seal pup barely alive beside the River Clyde in Glasgow after he became separated from his mum.
ONE in 10 of Scotland's common seal population could be wiped out by a flu-type virus, executive officials have warned.
He recently received an Award of Merit for his outstanding contribution to Coventry and a citation with the city's common seal.
As well as attracting large numbers of wintering birds, the site is im- portant for the common seal
By 1960 the grey seal had returned, followed by the rarer common seal in the 1980s, and today around 100 seals can be found lounging on the sandbanks.
The spokeswoman added: "Stranger is a male common seal from Ireland.
Two types of seals are found in Britain -the common seal and the Atlantic grey seal.
The charter conferred royal title on the organisation, gave it legal rights to use a common seal and laid out its constitution.
Experts are worried the phocine distemper virus (PDV) could be the behind the death of a baby common seal which was washed up on Ainsdale beach.
Terry Ledbetter, who runs a Milford Haven-based seal hospital as part of his work with the Welsh Marine Life Rescue, believes that the larger grey seals can fight off the virus easier than the common seal.
A common seal will no longer be mandatory, and there will be model articles of association for different types of companies to adopt.
The centre took in the four-month-old common seal pup which weighed a healthy 35kgs.