common salt

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a white crystalline solid consisting mainly of sodium chloride (NaCl)

white crystalline form of especially sodium chloride used to season and preserve food

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Salting has no adverse effects on the value of the fish protein and bacterial growth can be significantly retarded by the presence of sufficient quantities of common salt (sodium chloride).
Ghana is endowed with commercial quantities of common salt, which have not been fully exploited to effectively contribute to the country's economic growth.
Nor is this the place for talking about how this may be done to every kind of salt, whether alkaline, nitrous, common salt and other volatiles for the preparation of remarkable medicines.
With products like Pentair's IntelliChlor salt chlorine generator, customers get perfectly chlorinated water utilizing common salt.
An attempt to reduce the common salt or sodium content in meat products have been made by various workers in different meat products (Ruusunen et al.
WHEN jellies refuse to set in reasonable time, stand the mould in cold water to which a large handful of common salt has been added.
EO water is produced by the electrolysis of soft tap water containing common salt (NaCI).
Extraction fluid Category Examples DI Water 10% Acetic acid Monobasic weak acids Vinegar 10% Citric acid Polybasic weak acids Lemon juice, orange juice 1% and 5% Strong acids Acid bleach, battery acid, Hydrochloric acid Coca-Cola 10% Magnesium Multivalent salts Epsom salts, cream of tartar sulfate 2% and 10% Monovalent salts Common salt, borax Sodium chloride
replacement of common salt by a novel sodium-reduced, potassium-, magnesium-, and l-lysine HCl-enriched salt, both in home kitchens and in the food industry.
Common salt may be made radioactive, and suitable instruments can follow its movements through the human body.
Even as Indian consumers warm up to atta (wheat flour), cornflakes and biscuits fortified with vitamins, the biggest "vehicle" for delivery of micro nutrients, it seems, may well turn out to be common salt.
Summary: DUBAI u The common salt that is available on the shelves at your local grocery may not be giving you the required levels of good minerals that your body needs to function normally, a survey has found.
However, the prices of a number of food articles such as pulses, cereals, processed fish, common salt, tea, coffee, tobacco, soft drinks and liquor increased.
A common salt barrel, with a notch sawed out at the top, is set in the ground level with the top.