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Harrison, 17 from Ashington, said: "We chose to spend the money on creating a common room as we wanted something that would benefit both our class and future students too.
BEIRUT: The American University of Beirut (AUB) inaugurated the Mahmoud Malhas Common Room on Friday in the presence of a host of Lebanese and Jordanian dignitaries.
Parson Woodforde records that he treated the senior common room at New College with wine and fruit in the afternoon and with "Arrac Punch" - a strong liquor made from rum - and wine in the evening.
Housed in the building is a common room, a large and smaller chapel, a library/discussion area, a 30-person dining room and large kitchen, several bedrooms for guests, a gift shop and a patio facing the lake.
went into the common room, and turned on the TV to see Sheena of the Jungle.
SOLUTION: The co-ed, newly constructed hall features suites with four students each (80 percent freshmen but 20 percent upperclassmen), a three-bedroom apartment for the resident faculty member, a library, a common room, and a lounge on each of the four floors.
The pounds 250,000 centre will provide a common room area for 50 students, providing a lounge and eating area, IT facilities and a locker room.
5 cm (WL-115) Junior Common Room, New College, Oxford
Its common room, which once housed the tavern, is dominated by a great stone fireplace.
and will house changing and shower rooms, a gym, physiotherapy suite, dedicated practice room, and a student common room.
If you wanted to watch TV you had to go out into the common room (not an easy task for some of these people) and purchase a card to plug into the TV set.
I sat in the common room outside his office, having tea and talking to some of his post-doctoral students.
William Straw, president of the Junior Common Room committee at New College, is heading a revolt at the pounds 30 hike.
Hernandez, a defrocked Dartmouth admissions officer, inadvertently reveals this little-noticed resistance to the green doors and sherry in the common room at the very beginning of her book, A Is For Admission.