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First, the common person does not understand how free trade benefits the vast majority of people.
Fact: This is a common misunderstanding that a common person will benefit from the taxes.
Understanding the scarcity of financial issues related to healthcare matters and scarcity of health insurance products for the common person in Pakistan, the two organizations worked together and developed an innovative solution in partnership with a leading local insurance company.
Regardless of my job, I am the common person walking down the street when it comes to all of this.
In an attempt to apprise beneficiaries about the policies framed and the schemes unveiled for them, the Social Media wing of the Ministry puts out content from which every common person can benefit.
He said politicians were busy running after their own interest and changing allegiance from one political group to the other in pursuit for their own interests and not that of the common person.
At least Corbyn seems to be fighting for the common person.
Besides, this will direct affect to the common person because of using daily basis items he added.
The nuclear reactors are highly steadfast in the resolve of safety aspect therefore; awareness must be dispensed to public in general, in order to vanquish the deluding scheme that paints a fallacious explosive and perilous portrait of nuclear reactor in the mind of a common person.
In a world torn asunder by forces in a war the common person had no idea was being fought, who is the bad guy and who the good?
We are pained to observe that the committee has failed to even suggest measures that may be required to be taken by the common person, much less by a technical expert body like the committee," the court said while listing the matter for further hearing on November 17.
I would like to clarify one thing here that when I mention West or westerners, it does not mean that I am blaming a common person living in the West.
Supply-side economics is a cruel joke on the common person.
The objective of iStreet Bazr is to enable every common person to buy what he / she wants with ease and at great online prices.
The profile attempted to shy away from Xi's 'princeling' social status, China's version of old-money blue bloods who have had their successes paved for them from birth, because they are often criticized for their inability to connect to the common person.