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a noun that denotes any or all members of a class

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Linguistically it is utterly impossible to draw a sharp line of demarcation between proper names and common nouns.
This element can form a possessive construction in combination with common noun phrases, proper names, or pronouns but can never co-occur with the otherwise ubiquitous pronominal enclitics in its anaphoric function.
Tottering precariously on the edge of losing their identity to common usage, and shifting from proper nouns to common nouns, are Clorox, Day Glo, Formica, Tabasco and Frigidaire; who are close to joining lanolin, dry ice, linoleum and escalator products whose identities degenerated from proud trademarks to common nouns used to describe a host of like products.
It can also recognize many words, such as "Apple" or "Bush" to be either common nouns or proper names.
German is a language in which pseudo-plurals can be found with many common nouns.
However, a number of common nouns referring to geographical features or buildings are often omitted when modified by a proper name, so that the NP now consists just of the proper noun.
Indeed Chierchia (1998b: 92) remarks that "[t]he idea that the extension of all common nouns is mass applies to them as they come out of the lexicon.
First, although homonymic proper nouns are rightly separated from common nouns (e.
Proper nouns, evoked by pictures of family, friends, and famous people, caused the men more difficulty than common nouns, tested with pictures of animals, fruits, vegetables, and tools.
During the study, the participants took tests of immediate and delayed recall of 10 common nouns including hotel, river, tree, skin, gold, village, baby and table.
None of these results is statistically significant, which means that the subjects do not treat common nouns and names differently from the point of view of stress.
The majority of countable nouns can be easily distinguished in the texts: they are common nouns, which have both singular and plural forms.
Most reconstructed Iranian forms are set in roman, but most other Iranian proper nouns and most Iranian common nouns are set in italic, whether transliterated or normalized.
All participants viewed a sequence of 40 common nouns on a computer screen and decided whether each word fit sensibly into a corresponding incomplete sentence.