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a person who likes to be active late at night

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mainly nocturnal North American goatsucker

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Common Nighthawks frequently nest on the site and American Crows are recorded as "common" (L.
We did not have observations of Common Nighthawks nesting on these roofs, but buildings were chosen based on accessibility, large size, and representation of the range of gravel sizes available as nest substrate.
Our findings indicate that predation by American Crows on the eggs of Common Nighthawks could occur more frequently in an urban environment than in natural, rural habitats.
But studying natural nests is preferred to gain a fuller understanding of predator pressure on Common Nighthawks.
The first phase of the project involved installing nests for the Common Nighthawk at Covanta Essex in Newark, NJ and Covanta Warren in Oxford, NJ.
Means ([+ or -] SE), ranges, and sample sizes of nestling movements of Common Nighthawks within three age classes in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, 2010.
Common Nighthawk nests and use-sites were checked daily between 1400 and 2000 hrs MST, barring inclement weather.
Common Nighthawk eggs hatch asynchronously; however, across broods, second-hatched nestlings weighed significantly more than the older nestlings at the same age (t = 3.
Common Nighthawk nestlings overcame asymmetrical masses associated with asynchronous hatching within several days of hatching unlike Common Poorwill nestlings, which are reported to take up to 14 days to reach equivalent masses (Csada and Brigham 1994).
Published studies of Common Nighthawks have considered only nest survival through hatching.
Clutch size of Common Nighthawks is similar across a broad geographic area with two-egg clutches dominant in Idaho (24 of 27 clutches; Rust 1947), the northern Great Plains (18 of 21; Kantrud and Higgins 1992), New Jersey (16 of 17; this study), and Florida (13 of 14; Perkins and Vickery 2007).
Few data exist on the habitat preferences of Common Nighthawks.
Nest site selection and nest thermal properties of Common Nighthawks on the tallgrass prairie of Kansas.