common newt

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small semiaquatic salamander

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Garvin Sewell, 41, who lives in West Moor with his wife Pam, said: "In this small area of land we have a family of otters, water voles, yellow necked mice, crested and common newts and a large range of rare birds and other wildlife.
Bog garden - great for bumble bees, common newts and grass snakes Bog gardens are great on their own but when they surround a pond, they will attract more wildlife than each habitat on its own.
This pond was home to small carp, tench and the rarer golden carp; it also held sticklebacks, common newts and crested newts, which we called king cresters.
Mother of five Janice said: "I have thousands of common newts and have seen around 300 frogs and 150 toads.