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an integer that is a multiple of two or more other integers

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Going back to three quarters plus two fifths, when you times the numbers in each wing of the butterfly and put the answers in the antennas, what you're doing is figuring out what the numbers on the top are going to be when you find a least common multiple of the denominator.
To construct delivery paths, nodes first calculate the least common multiple of selectable delivery cycles for each sensor data stream.
The conceptual 'twin' of GCD is least common multiple (lowest common multiple) or LCM.
Table 8 shows that 70% teachers said highest common multiple easy to solve.
Then each period for u is the least common multiple of the corresponding periods for the factors of u.
We consider left cancellative monoids M that are generated by their atoms S, and such that if a subset of S admits a common right multiple, then it actually admits a least common multiple.
A common multiple of earnings is a price to earnings multiple, or P/E ratio.
The prefixes and symbols for the more common multiple units are also shown.
On classical music, 'Look at the programmes, look at the radio play lists, as a simplistic illustration of the lowest common multiple if I hear Nessun Dorma once more, I'll puke.
Nathan entered third grade having already constructed a Generalized Number Sequence (GNS) for whole numbers that enabled him to coordinate sequences of multiples to find a common multiple of two whole numbers.
The case of Miss Lisbeth Borden of Fall River, Massachusetts, the fair New England parricide, is to America what Jack the Ripper is to old England, both cases transcending their lowest common multiple -- homicide -- and passing into almost-proud legend.
Using a common multiple of 12 times EBIDTA, the papers could be sold for $600 million.
Instead of just listing common multiples of a number and finding the least common multiple, they do this in the context of a real-life situation.
Eventually, several rhythmic strategies emerged: (1) solving polyrhythms by means of calculating the least common multiple of their constituent components, (2) translating rhythmic notations into indications of tempo, and, (3) casting one line of a polyrhythm as strongly foreground in nature against which other rhythmic lines act ornamentally in varying degrees of rhythmic dissonance to the original.
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