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Also, it was not a common market we were joining; it was a proposed European mega-state with powers taken away from our legitimate elected Parliament to an unelected foreign powerbase.
Nematzadeh proposed establishment of common markets for Islamic countries and pointed out that improved technological capabilities could be a necessity for facilitation of the trade.
Speaking on the sidelines of the seminar of Islamic Corporation for the Insurance of Investment and Export Credit in Amman, Jordan on Tuesday, Nematzadeh said that the establishment of such common markets, despite the oppositions and difficulties, would boost trade among Islamic countries.
Muslim countries should do their best to set up joint banks, use common currencies and establish common markets to ease trade among their private sectors, said Torkan, according to the Islamic Republic News Agency.
The GCC common market clearly seeks to emulate the success of the EU common market," said Megeed.
She said that the delegation was briefed on the support of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) for the elections in the member states of the organization.
The East African common market protocol came into force on July 01, 2010, with the aim to enable people in the trading bloc freely move and carry-out businesses without fear or favour.
They've never got over the fact that Edward Heath's Tory 1970 election manifesto promised that he would only take Britain into the Common Market "with the full-hearted consent of the British people".
A decade later most of those ships and jobs were lost to the Common Market and Common Agricultural Policy.
The move comes four years after the six Gulf countries entered into a common market in 2008 with an objective to integrate their economies with a single currency, and will help other GCC companies expand in the UAE market and tap local resources and funds.
As Mr Murray rightly points out, we voluntarily entered into a Common Market.
WHEN Harold Wilson and Ted Heath in the sixties were determined to take us into the Common Market (EU), and eventually did, I wrote opposing this move.
The forum aims at activating the Gulf common market due to its importance in opening up fields for trade exchange, expanding horizons of investment and facilitating mutual economic activities among the AGCC citizens.
Bagis will attend the 40th Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR) summit and ministerial meeting.
Summary: KHARTOUM, July 10, 2010, SPA -- Northern and southern Sudanese leaders on Saturday said they would consider forming a confederation or a common market if southerners chose to declare independence in an upcoming referendum, Reuters reported.
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