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Don't be too hard on a common man, lady," said Smilash submissively.
It is really a problematic issue and the government should take some tangible and witty decisions, because common man cannot afford such kind of luxuries.
Speaker National Assembly Ayaz Sadiq said that the welfare of the common man was priority in legislation so as to make welfare society as per expectations of the people.
IN spite of tall talk to improve the lot of the poor, the common man is being crushed by inflation.
Asghar Nadeem Syed said Munnu Bhai harboured and cherished progressive thoughts and lifestyle for common man,adding that his TV dramas depicted life of a common man.
Summary: Dehradun (Uttarakhand) [India], Jan 18 (ANI): The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Thursday said that any common man can now donate funds to the party.
He said common man is the focus of all development projects and due to the uplift projects launched by PML-N government the living standards of the common man have increased.
Bilal Minto, a counsel of petitioner informed the court during the course of the hearing that election campaign should be accessible to common man and it is being joked to run this campaign with the amount of Rs 1.
5 Swachh Bharat cess on taxable services has dealt a severe blow to the common man, said Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi.
Two unprecedented petrol/diesel price hikes within 15 days have dealt a body blow to the common man and farmers, who are already reeling under high inflationary pressure", he said wondering whether the "fortunate PM" is hell-bent upon heaping misfortune of repeated price hikes to "profiteer from misery of ordinary Indians".
He was best known for creating the mute and omnipresent common man
com)-- The book, Thoughts of a Common Man will be officially released on Amazon 1/5/2014 with a Virtual Launch party to celebrate.
Always Logistic Support Services are the key component which is directly affected by the enhancement in oil prices thus helping the inflation to grow and affecting the common man who is forced to pay a higher price for the commodities purchased for daily consumption.
In an effort to simplify the budget announcement for the common man and highlight its benefits, IBN-Lokmat presents a 360 degree coverage of the "Budget 2014" with an Economic survey from 8.
A Common Mans Journey is not only describing theoretical concepts but it narrates the common man life's practical and endless journey for earning money and then spending this money for better car, better house and better furniture etc.
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