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a pasture subject to common use

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lt;B Open Spaces Society urges support for public paths, open spaces, common land and village greens
The NFU has called for what it believes to be a pragmatic approach that would see common land separated from other land when processing commoners' claims.
50 a year per acre to lease common land, like grass verges, on their properties.
Permission for the project had already been granted by Swansea Council but the company needed to deregister the common land and provide alternative space.
We were particularly concerned that the new access to the property would be across registered common land, and the applicants, Mr and Mrs Wood, would therefore need consent from Welsh ministers as well as planning permission.
FARMERS in Northumberland, Country Durham and North Yorkshire who have grazing rights on common land could be in line for a windfall payment under new guidance announced by Defra this week, according to a North East expert.
There were eight empty lager cans (plus ties) on common land in Styvechale-- and another eight a short way away (same brand).
Ten years ago staff at the Countryside Council for Wales (CCW) trudged across mountains, moors, heath and common land to mark up areas which would be open to walkers.
The concept of making local community space productive goes back to before the Enclosure Acts of the 18th century when common land was taken away from the ordinary people.
One of the purposes of the legislation would be to enable the voluntary deregistration of common land to allow development - where replacement land was given in exchange, and the proposal was in the public interest.
They have now been told to take it down as they did not have the correct permission to erect it on common land," he said.
ACRES of common land across the North-east would be protected from development under new legislation published this week.
Riding in a park, public place or common land is an offence - and riding carelessly or illegally could result in a fine or imprisonment, loss of your bike or legal action.
An Act of 1881 ruled out the use of common land for private profit to keep sites free for recreation.
Farmers, landowners, walkers, conservationists and `commoners' are being invited to have their say on how to improve the protection and management of common land.