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anything generally known to everyone

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Hawaii's Intermediate Court of Appeals disagreed with the plaintiffs, holding that although "Hawaii does recognize a common knowledge exception to the requirement that a plaintiff must introduce expert medical testimony on causation .
The third volume of this series on instructional-design theories and models emphasizes the need for a common knowledge base for researchers and practitioners in the field of instructional systems design.
The sixth and last chapter is, to my mind, the most interesting one, because it is not a mere list of opinions, but the analysis of a problem: 'The aim in this chapter is to try to answer the fundamental question of whether game theory can be reduced to decision theory by questioning the common knowledge assumption of game theory' (125).
RESEARCH AND COMMON KNOWLEDGE SAY THAT STUDENTS who are engaged with their school have a better chance at success.
The court rejected the patient's contention that both claims were well within the common knowledge of the average juror, thus, obviating the need for expert medical testimony, which is required in virtually all medical malpractice cases.
It is a matter of common knowledge that in a large majority of instances in which bodily injuries are received, the real nature and extent of said injuries are not revealed until some time in the future and after the first pains have passed away.
The decision was announced as promoter Frank Warren formally confirmed what had been common knowledge for the last week: Calzaghe will defend his WBO version of the title against American Peter Manfredo, Jr, at the Millennium Stadium on March 3.
IT HAS BEEN common knowledge for years that the murky events triggering the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution--the closest Vietnam ever got to a U.
The scientists know what to avoid, and this should be common knowledge in the tattoo industries.
Attitude, Certainty and Allusions to Common Knowledge in Scientific Research Articles
It has been common knowledge for several months that Villa manager David O'Leary has wanted to sign the 31year-old and now the move is close to reaching its conclusion.
It has been common knowledge in the church that a diocese might have a "particular theological bent," but that has never been enshrined in regulations, said Ms.
5m move 18 months ago and has become common knowledge that the 26-year-old wants to return to Glasgow.
Although this portion of our history is common knowledge, its implications for black bookselling are rarely understood.
These contain some interesting information that might not be common knowledge.