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anything generally known to everyone

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and in many other countries the process of setting accounting standards is designed to promote them as common knowledge. Such processes include agenda advisory committees, project task forces, exposure drafts, public hearings, open discussion and debate on the merits of accounting standards, and dissemination of standards.
Our bodies are the same and we can share the common knowledge each of us has in learning about our bodies and how they work in response to labor and our baby's movement through the pelvis.
Nonetheless, there is no statutory requirement that credit-eligible research involves "discovering information that exceeds, expands, or refines common knowledge." Moreover, the legislative history of the 1986 Act does not support or even intimate such a test.
However, requiring common knowledge of a particular method of belief revision, on top of common knowledge of Bayesian rationality and the structure of the game, is seen as imposing unreasonable demands on the players.
If we require only that it is common knowledge that each player maximizes expected utility relative to internally consistent beliefs, we have the solution concept of rationalizability.
Such facts may be common knowledge, but are worth restating, if only to emphasise the increasing precariousness of our tenure on the planet.
But the story here isn't that Buchanan is a reactionary on every social issue--that's common knowledge. The real story is that the establishment press, in its utterly superficial coverage and/or outright promotion of NAFTA and GATT, and in its celebration of the bull market and our alleged "robust economy," assumed that everyday working people wouldn't care that the rich continue to get richer while the middle class (not to mention the poor) get poorer.
His message, if I heard it right, was that one of the restrictions on our industry's efforts to flourish was not so much the lack of high-tech research and development, but the failure to apply the low-tech common knowledge that has been available for decades.
It is common knowledge that mature chaparral will burn uncontrollably, particularly when driven by the dry, hot Santa Ana winds.
Fed vulnerable if mishandle transcript matter.") But even after being briefed en masse by Greenspan, who characterized the audiotaping as "common knowledge" around the Fed, FOMC members did not admit they knew about the recordkeeping.
These two books consider a number of foundational issues in game theory having to do with common knowledge and rationality.
TO QUALIFY for protection, owners of data must be able to prove the information is not common knowledge and is of v
You're active in the community constantly proselytizing the virtues of this health care facility." It was common knowledge that our hospital received more positive press than any other in the country.
IT seems to be common knowledge that Newcastle are in the hunt for a striker this transfer window.
MANCHESTER City are ready to welcome Kolo Toure back to training - despite his failed drugs test becoming common knowledge.