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an inclined fault in which the hanging wall appears to have slipped downward relative to the footwall

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Common faults of hydraulic brake system is not working brake, brake failure, brake dragging, Brake Steer and brake noise.
Fault insertion (FI) modules are used within an automatic test system to simulate common fault conditions such as an open, short to ground, or a short to other connections in a device under test.
This is a common fault seen on boards exposed to drop testing, flexure or vibration.
The most common fault is a poor quality cork that has woody taints and lets excessive air into the wine turning it to a 'corky' flavour.
This is a common fault - especially on S4C They regularly use this letter (Garej; Cowbois ac Injuns) but they are not the only culprits.
Lack of space in the back, a common fault in cars of this size, marks the Alfa down slightly.
A tighter editorial hand for future cartographic works, however, could be recommended to ensure greater focus on text and a lesser one on apparatus, a common fault with publications on cartographic history from this publisher and one that can at times give its works an antiquarian flavor.
A third common fault is that, perhaps because of deadline pressures, many reporters (unlike Landay and Strobel) don't take the extra step of asking outside experts to evaluate controversial claims.
Diagnostic capabilities include fault codes with text translation for the most common fault conditions.
Its reliable mechanical design eliminates stability problems, a common fault with detectors designed for such high sensitivity.
This configuration achieves cost savings by using the worldwide WAN as the primary alarm delivery and PBX access infrastructure: It also provides (a) a mechanism to continually monitor the data network for continuity from the PBX site to the customer's network operations center; (b) a dial up back up mechanism to insure delivery of alarms should there be a problem with the data facilities; (c) an in-band remote access capability to the PBX units; (d) a dial up remote access capability to the PBX units in the event the data-com network has problems; and (e) automated on-site fault correction for common fault conditions.
The aluminum provides good heat distribution, while the stainless steel functions at high temperatures without wear and tear (unlike many nonstick-finished woks), won't rust, and doesn't affect the colors or taste of foods--a common fault of standard cold-rolled-steel woks, which turn artichokes black and impart a metallic flavor to some foods.
This isn't very satisfying; if Schudson is unusually successful at keeping his work free of what he calls "the rhetoric of decline," he has done less well at avoiding the other most common fault of intellectuals, presenting a recommendation that is much weaker than the analysis that has led up to it.
Each of us was giving the other what we ourselves wanted to receive - a common fault among the well-intentioned.