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a person or firm in the business of transporting people or goods or messages

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Section 332(c) states that a person providing commercial mobile service will be treated as a common carrier, with some exceptions, but grants the FCC the authority to forbear from applying the provisions of the chapter.
The court ruled that the exact employer of Aydin did not matter and that the cruise line could not delegate its responsibility as a common carrier.
Many commentators have read Munn as standing for the proposition that common carrier duties to serve and rate regulation were imposed only when a monopoly was proved.
Louis system and the specialized common carrier race was on.
North Dakota,(2) the leading Supreme Court case addressing "substantial nexus," the Court held a taxpayer whose only contact with a taxing state was the delivery of goods through common carrier and the licensing of software to customers residing in the taxing state did not have "substantial nexus.
The New York Court of Appeals recently held that the common carrier liability rule--a century-old legal theory that imposes absolute liability on common carriers for their employees' misconduct--is no longer viable in that state.
taxpayers claimed that, on receipt of an order, delivery occurred in New York (outside GST net), since a common carrier picked up the goods at that location.
The smaller the annual expenditure, however, the more likely was a CPCS to replace LATA carrier services, rather than interLATA offerings, or to be viewed as not replacing any common carrier tarified service.
It has been three years since the state Supreme Court's opinion in Denbury Green, which took a dim view of the commission's "check the box" rules regarding Form T-4 pipeline permit application which automatically created common carrier status to the pipeline operator.
The industry-focused research presented in this article examines the decision-making process for selecting and utilizing a mixture of dedicated, private, and common carrier vehicles in order to investigate gaps in the current process for assigning shipments to different types of resources.
The proposal would require companies to submit documentation - including a sworn statement - supporting a common carrier claim and to give the commission 45 days to review an application.
The common carrier's enhanced service operations had to "purchase" the telecommunications component at the tariffed rates, and the common carrier had to sell the telecommunications component at the same tariffed rate to unaffiliated providers of enhanced services.
86-272 as protecting only the delivery of goods via common carrier, not delivery in privately owned vehicles.