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a person or firm in the business of transporting people or goods or messages

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As such, providers of broadband--internet service providers (ISPs)--are classified as common carriers, but without the rate regulation or filing of tariffs that other utilities face.
The FTC challenge failed, as the courts found AT&T, as a common carrier, was outside of the FTC's jurisdiction.
The FTC disagreed, trying to cabin the exception by asserting it applies only when a common carrier is providing common carrier services, such as voice telephone services.
Denbury Green, in preparing the required Form T-4, indicated in the requisite box with an "x" that it would be a common carrier and that the gas would be "owned by others, but transported for a fee.
Enacted and approved in 1993, Section 21(b) imposed a business tax of 50 percent of one percent per annum on the "gross receipts of garages, cars for rent or hire driven by lessee, transportation contractors, persons who transport passenger or freight for hire, and common carriers by land, air or water, except owners of bancas and owners of animaldrawn twowheel vehicles.
The maturity of the processes used to manage the decision of when to use additional common carrier capacity; and
We want to make sure that there's not an assumption in court that it's a common carrier because the Railroad Commission says it is.
17) Some may question the necessity (or wisdom) of providing immunity from common carrier liability to such a small and currently niche field.
The court ruled that the exact employer of Aydin did not matter and that the cruise line could not delegate its responsibility as a common carrier.
2000), the Department ruled that an out-of-state furniture seller was liable for uncollected Virginia use tax on furniture deliveries that a common carrier made into the state, after the seller had voluntarily registered to collect Virginia sales and use tax during a previous audit.
has applied to the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications for a license to launch as a common carrier a wireless communications service linking homes and offices, company sources said Tuesday.
Although skunks were once the most common carrier of rabies in the county, bats now hold that distinction.
The New York Court of Appeals recently held that the common carrier liability rule--a century-old legal theory that imposes absolute liability on common carriers for their employees' misconduct--is no longer viable in that state.
North Dakota,(2) the leading Supreme Court case addressing "substantial nexus," the Court held a taxpayer whose only contact with a taxing state was the delivery of goods through common carrier and the licensing of software to customers residing in the taxing state did not have "substantial nexus.