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an ax with a long handle and a head that has one cutting edge and one blunt side

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These events were mainly aimed at identifying and discussing the pedagogical project's strengths, difficulties and critical nodes regarding the assumptions made and the educational practices' daily routine (integration among modules, transversality of common axes, diversified learning scenarios, insertion into health services, integration among teaching, research and extension programs), as well as delineating referrals to overcome difficulties and critical nodes.
This project joined researchers and teachers who work in different specific and common axes. Its objective was to investigate, monitor and improve this professional education proposal for teamwork under the comprehensive care's perspective using the interprofessional education's principles.
With an investigation developed under the case study's scope involving students, teachers, technicians, managers and service professionals, qualitative data production techniques were used: participant observation (common axes' scenarios), semi-structured interviews (11 managers, 13 teachers and five administrative technicians) and focus groups (students from the courses).
In addition to these interdisciplinary and multi-professional education features of the common axes of the UNIFESP Nutrition course, the evaluation criteria and the pedagogical strategies--which were also evaluated in the survey, by means of the assertions "The evaluation criteria adopted by the Axis were adequate" and "The pedagogical strategies adopted by the Axis were appropriate to learning" --, revealed that both common axes TS and IS, as well as ESPECIFICO, were well evaluated, given that most respondents seemed to agree with these assertions.
The Strongholds category shows three central aspects: the innovative pedagogical project, which has interdisciplinarity and multi-professionalism as its main features; faculty qualification; the common axes, especially, IS and TS.
Even if we take into account the broad discussion on content adequacy for professional performance --given that undergraduate courses are intent on training generalist professionals, and that professional performance often demands specificities -, most respondents marked either partial or total agreement to the assertion "The contents approached in the Axis were satisfactory for myprofessional performance"; partial disagreement was more expressive (14 times) for the ESPECIFICO axis, as opposed to a smaller number of occurrences for the common axes (4 or less), which results agreed with our findings for Q2 under the Limitations category.
Additionally, each course's Structuring Faculty Center (Nucleo Docente Estruturante, NDE) and students reflected upon the question "What relevance do the common axes have throughout each course?" They also created the material for the workshop.
The greatest transformations obtained from revising the matrices were related to the curricular flexibility resulted from resizing the workload into curricular units of the common and specific education axes (the workload reduction varied from 4.4% to 12.7% in the set of common and specific education axes), creation/expansion of the elective curricular units in some courses (except Physiotherapy and Nutrition), and content revision and readjustment in the curricular units of the common axes in order to favor topics that are totally common to all undergraduate courses.
Workshop Topic Held in Participants I Common axes of the November 24, 37 curricular matrices of the 2014 campus' undergraduate courses based on the graduate profile.
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