commodity brokerage

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a brokerage firm dealing in commodities

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Lance Futures is an internationally recognized commodity brokerage service company based in Frankfurt, Germany.
a full-service commodity brokerage company, leased 5,000 s/fat 80 Street, for a one year duration period.
Two major shareholders in Al Fajer are the owners of London-based Ashton Commodity Brokerage.
A second CFO, Robert Trosten of the failed commodity brokerage Refco Inc.
FCStone was formed when Farmers Commodities Cooperation and Saul Stone and Company merged operations on July 1, 2000, to form one of the nation's largest volume commercial commodity brokerage firms.
Sojitz to transfer commodity brokerage business to .
Sema is already providing consultancy and systems integration services to Dutch electricity commodity brokerage Amsterdam Power Exchange.
According to commodity analyst, Ann Prendergast of Refco, a New York-based commodity brokerage house, there is presumed to be a shortage of cocoa.
In addition, a commodity brokerage business called Peavey Commodity Services offers brokerage services to hedging and speculative clients through 125 offices and agencies in the United States and Canada.
4 March 2015 - US-based broker RCM Alternatives has entered into an agreement to join forces with US-based commodity brokerage firm and commodity pool operator Attain Capital Management, the company said.
Deleon left Madley Capital Management back in 2009 to provide consultancy work for a number of commodity brokerage firms based in East Asia and the Middle East.
The entry barriers are low and the investments required in Commodity Brokerage is also quite low hence this is has proved to be a sustainable business model if managed smartly with professional acumen.
Summary: DUBAI - Dubai Trade, the premier trade facilitator under Dubai World, and commodity brokerage house JRG International have signed an agreement that will enable customers to use Dubai Trade's e-payment gateway Rosoom to pay for 'Visions of Dubai' gold coins purchased through JRG International's new Emirates Investor Savings Plan.