commodities market

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an exchange for buying and selling commodities for future delivery

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Vedanta Resources CEO Tom Albanese said: "In FY2016, Vedanta demonstrated resilience in the face of exceptionally challenging commodities markets around the world.
Home to one of the largest commodities markets in the world, the city attracts hundreds of thousands of traders and buyers every year.
The three factors mentioned above all are occurring or coming to force around the same time &ndash; the middle of 2011.<span style="mso-spacerun: yes;">&nbsp; </span>In doing so, they may have created the perfect storm for the commodities market.
A sustainable global demand growth has been projected for the commodities markets due to industrialisation and urbanisation of developing and emerging markets.
Shenzhen, June 2, 2009 - (ACN Newswire) - China Zhengzhou Grain Wholesale Market and "Shihua Financial Information" today announced an alliance, to jointly provide investors with agricultural commodities market data and information, on the Shihua terminal services and website (
Better access to financing is the promise that Chile's farmers hope to see from a new commodities market, the Bolsa de Productos Agropecuarios, now open for business.
For example, if you want to invest in gold as a commodity, but don't understand how it is traded in the commodities market, you can gain exposure to that investment by purchasing an ETF.
Double, triple and quadruple crosses bedevil the beleaguered Miguel Lienzo, a 17th-century merchant/trader/entrepreneur working his wits and wiles on the early commodities market of Amsterdam.
Until recently, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, an independent federal agency that oversees the commodities market, enforced registration requirements on anyone giving advice about futures trading, whether through traditional print publications or the Internet.
It also has regional overviews which include a section specifically on 'Africa -- an emerging commodities market.'
Wieler is a commodities market strategist and was earlier a vice president at Goldman Sachs in Commodities Research, heading the oil and petroleum products research under economist Jeff Currie.
Asim Khan, chief executive officer, Trust Securities -- Dubai, said: "The commodities market is dynamic and volatile, changing buying habits and trends overnight.
ISLAMABAD, May 05, 2011 (Balochistan Times): The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), as part of its mandate to develop and strengthen the commodities market in Pakistan, has granted approval to the Pakistan Mercantile Exchange Limited (PMEX) for introduction of the futures contract in sugar.
This puts us in the same category as Shell and BP because the commodities market determines the price of your goods.
But in a commodities market, variables are the spice of life (and the bane of forecasters), so a few of those should probably be considered.