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spatial largeness and extensiveness (especially inside a building)

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(89) On the other hand, the commodiousness of the "totality of the circumstances" and "voluntary" standards permits courts the leeway to craft a meaningful standard for identifying the kinds of psychological interrogation techniques that can "overbear" a person's "will." (90) The use of deception is one such technique.
(16) Delano-Smith argues that even the most useful, utilitarian maps held "value" or could be "esteemed" in non-utilitarian terms, that is, in terms of aesthetics or "commodiousness." While commodiousness could be seen as a form of use value (it satisfies a human need or want), her expansion of use value beyond strict utility helps explain the wide appeal of Moll's maps where their commodious, non-instrumental aspects also helped him make a sale and turn a profit in an internationally competitive map market.
As a satirist, Coover would inhabit whatever texts he entered, from Pinocchio in Venice to film Noir to the (Bros.) grim(m) world of Stepmother among so many others, looking around to appreciate the space, measuring its commodiousness, making himself comfortable and trying out the furnishings, maybe even taking a toss in the hay with the lady of the house, before applying the crazy glue to glass plates, rubber stoppers, metal spatulas, wood, paper, plastic--in all combinations.
Undoubtedly, aesthetic exploitation of the wilderness involves a form of consumerism; but for the sake of simplification the present article applies the notion of consumerism as a collective activity aiming for the production of material benefits in exchange for commodiousness and pleasure.
For virtually each generation, the hotel has helped advance new ideas in design expression; in the planning of complex spatial relationships; in the efficient organization of numerous, often divergent functions; in standards of commodiousness and luxury; and in the sophisticated plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems that enable such attributes to be manifest.
There has been in American culture, despite horrific evidences of the contrary, a continuing affirmation both of cultural and religious particularity and of the general commodiousness of the whole to house diversity.