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Synonyms for commodious

Synonyms for commodious

having plenty of room

Synonyms for commodious

large and roomy ('convenient' is archaic in this sense)


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It is a machine for doing quickly and commodiously, what would be done, though less quickly and commodiously, without it: and like many other kinds of machinery, it only exerts a distinct and independent influence of its own when it gets out of order.
campus of the Carmelite mother house in Paris, a most commodiously and
It was an eighteenth-century publisher, John Stockdale, who first saw the potential for a one-volume Shakespeare, and brought out in 1784 the edition by Samuel Ayscough, who introduced the volume with the comment, "The book now offered to the public may commodiously be taken into a coach or a post-chaise, for amusement on a journey" (118).
It was described as "a graceful palace, very commodiously situated at the easterly end of St James's Park, having at one view a prospect of the Mall & other walks, and of a delightful and spacious canal.
337) Toward the end of the book, the following wordy conclusions are more confusing than illuminating: "As well as being more commodiously lodged within the erstwhile medical core, and containing a high admixture of graduate physicians, the medical penumbra was thus far more diverse than before.
Although he figured that twenty thousand years would sufficiently accommodate the needs of science, he expressed a willingness to go up to two hundred thousand years if necessary, arguing that the biblical genealogies were "so elastic that they may be commodiously stretched to fit any reasonable demand on time.