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The commodes segment is further subsegmented into shower & toilet commodes and toilet
During one visit, I was greeted by a commode full of urine that remained there until after I'd left.
The height of the commode (17-19 inches) is lower than the average wheelchair plus cushion seat-to-floor height (22 inches) requiring a non-level height transfer for most people.
The commode was self-controlled and meant its user could get washed and dried without assistance.
There is also an amaranth, tulipwood and kingwood marquetry commode and a lacquer desk based on a model by Nicolas Pierre Sverin now in the Louvre.
MAY I thank the two nurses who have designed the new commode (Telegraph, August 6).
Elliott's heavy load, not the commode, explaining that the toilet seat was designed to "conform generally to the contours of the human posterior" and in the ordinary course of business, "when the commode seat is in use by a member of the feminine gender that the usual method of approach to it is to draw near, to then turn to face away from it, and to assume a sitting position with a portion of the user's weight on the user's feet.
The report said: "Examples were observed where dirty commodes were marked up with indicator tape as clean and ready to use and, in contrast, a clean commode was found which had no indicator tape.
I refused that because my family come to see me everyday and I have nowhere to put the commode in private.
I had put up with that bloody commode for long enough.
An elderly patient died after falling off a commode in hospital, an inquest has heard.
The next obstacle we had to overcome was the position of the commode (a.
It also cleans commode chairs, shower chairs, walkers, carts, window screens, etc.