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Synonyms for commix

to put together into one mass so that the constituent parts are more or less homogeneous

Synonyms for commix

to bring or combine together or with something else

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The codes in the COMMIX series are 3D transient, global analysis models that allow the prediction of temperature, velocity, pressure and phase distribution in separate power plant components (e.
The use of parallel computational platforms is of significant interest for the COMMIX codes, which have always placed extreme demands on computer resources.
It was recognized that many person-years of effort has been invested in the development of COMMIX and that commercial benefit would be best achieved by preserving the basic functionality and feel of the code.
The code was ported to the various target computer systems, and several data sets that would exercise critical sections of the COMMIX program were selected.
COMMIX is used to predict this temperature distribution, which is then used to derive the power distributions for use in Departure-from-Nucleate-Boiling calculations.
Although COMMIX is a mature code that has been ported to a variety of computer architectures it was necessary to develop a portable version of the code that would compile on Sun workstations, the Alliant FX/80, and the Cray Y-MP.
Most of the success at optimizing COMMIX was the result of rewriting and reorganizing the most computation-intensive subroutines.
In the concurrent mode, the restructured COMMIX spends 30% of the time constructing equations on the Cray and 10% of the time constructing equations on the Alliant.
Much of the effort on COMMIX has concentrated on improving the subroutines that construct equations.
COMMIX has the potential to reduce costs and factory rejection rates of cast metal products, such as engine blocks and aircraft components, according to Bill Sha, manager of Argonne's COMMIX project.
COMMIX originally was developed to predict the mixing of liquid sodium used to cool advanced nuclear power plants.
The Commix 32 makers standards-based LAN-WAN interconnections by being compatible with Ethernet, TCP/IP, and DEC/LAT on the LAN portion, and X.
Server/gateway, such as the Commix 32, provide directly attached terminals or PCs with gateway access to the X.
Users served by the Commix 32s occupy three buildings, each with its own LAN.
Users connected to these boxes can access the INX 4400 services indirectly via two WAN cards in two remote Commix 32s, one connected to the network and the other connected to the 4400.