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Synonyms for commit

put in custody

commit yourself to something


  • pledge to
  • promise to
  • bind yourself to
  • make yourself liable for
  • obligate yourself to

Synonyms for commit

to be responsible for or guilty of (an error or crime)

to put in the charge of another for care, use, or performance

to place officially in confinement

to be morally bound to do

Synonyms for commit

perform an act, usually with a negative connotation

give entirely to a specific person, activity, or cause

engage in or perform


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Regarding minimizations, the investigators could suggest that engaging in property crimes to obtain the American dream offers a much more acceptable route than committing violent crimes.
5 Million Children of Iraq demand (1) the termination of the international economic embargo and all forms of bilateral economic sanctions against Iraq; (2) the massive provision of international humanitarian relief required in order to save themselves from death, disease, malnutrition, starvation, and extermination at the hands of the Respondents; (3) monetary compensation for the harm done to them as well as all other forms of relief deemed necessary and appropriate; and (4) the institution of criminal proc eedings against Respondent Bush for committing the international crime of genocide by the appropriate international organs as well as by all States of the World Community under their respective municipal legal systems.
Reinforcing factors are the rewards or feedback the student receives from others as a result of committing a violent act.
Eamon Terry George McClelland: one charge of robbery, two of possessing a firearm or imitation when committing a crime, and three of conspiracy to commit a robbery.
4) In these 339 cases, did any of the individuals have the intention of using the officer as a means of committing suicide?
Employees and executives who feel unfairly treated sometimes believe they can right the scales by committing occupational fraud and abuse.
Clayton Paul Wood, aged 20, of Heddle Grove, Bell Green: four counts of robbery, six counts of possessing a firearm or imitation when committing a crime and two of conspiracy to commit robbery.
Thoughts of harming others and the risk of committing murder greatly increase as the result of these side effects of depression.
Garcia said he had recently moved to Lancaster and had to prove to the gang members there that he was a true member of the gang by committing a crime.
In some of these cases, the defendants have been convicted of crimes they did not commit; in others, while the defendants may have been involved in the crimes, they may have had no conception of the harm they were committing or were under the influence of a nondisabled career criminal.
A common barrier people found when committing to an exercise program was finding the time needed for an ongoing exercise program.
How Mexico prosecutes juveniles who are accused of committing serious and violent crimes represents another difference between the United States and Mexico that arises from time to time.
He'd been waiting almost a full year to complete the deal after committing last spring.
Nor is it simply that those committing the atrocities lack proper education or have not been adequately informed about the rules of civilized behavior as set forth by the United Nations and other bodies.
The officers' motives in committing fraud are to be determined by the jury.