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a woman who is a member of a committee

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In a statement, resolution sponsor RNC Committeewoman Ellen Barrosse of Delaware said, "The Republican Party is proudly prolife and this resolution shows our support for this straightforward, simple pro-life initiative.
In the '80s and '90s, Betsy climbed the party ranks to become a Republican National Committeewoman, chair numerous US House and Senate campaigns in Michigan, lead statewide party fundraising, and serve two terms as chair of the Michigan Republican Party.
Crystal is the Green Party Committeewoman for Ward 4 of the City of St.
national committeeman, the national committeewoman and the chairman of
Kim Lehman of Johnston, a GOP national committeewoman for Iowa, is a Santorum supporter.
Doris got a master's degree and became an active committeewoman for numerous organizations and eventually a partner with Elton in a worldwide consulting firm.
Consequently, Eleanor Roosevelt and Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins cultivated Gahagan as a protege, making her California's national committeewoman and appointing her to the Women's Advisory Committee, the William Allen White Committee, and Freedom House.
With such tactics severely limiting the potential of grassroots impact, Republican women's clubs "muddled along" until the late 1930s, when the Republican National Committee named Maine committeewoman Marion Martin assistant chairman in charge of women's activities and head of the RNC Women's Division (62).
I took orders from the Democratic National Committee and from the Connecticut State Committeewoman.
She also served as National Executive Committeewoman for District 11, National Americanism Chairman and National Convention Chairman for the 1967 National Convention in Denver, where she was elected National Chaplain.
Republicans elected Republican National Committeewoman Diane Tebelius to succeed Chris Vance, who held the post five years.
Western Republicans," says Western States Caucus Chair Karen Marchioro, a Washington state Democratic committeewoman and former state party chair, "are just not as right-wing as their counterparts in the South or the Midwest.
In a few months, I've gone from shy, conservative, unwilling-to-admit-it Republican, to becoming the founder and chairman of a lively Teenage Republicans club at school, as well as the state committeewoman for the local Young Republicans club.
Madison as the first African-American ward committeewoman and to strike a deal with the Republican gubernatorial candidate, Arthur Hyde.