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The committee's counsel may take a position contrary to the interests of the committee member in order to further the interests of the unsecured creditor body.
Dan Mosca, immediate past chair of AHCA's board, and six selection committee members narrowed the field to five candidates, "Dr.
Alleged Committee member and prominent Belfast solicitor Richard Monteith filed a criminal libel action against Executive Producer Sean McPhilemy for statements he allegedly made about Monteith in a BBC interview about the program in August 1992.
Study committee members were assured of the PSCA's contacts in the Religious Right and their willingness to assist in the chaplaincy plan's legal defense.
But while acknowledging that the program needs improvement, other committee members think it's still a vital source for minority businesses.
Most of the time, good records on an area's hydrology, substrate, and biota "are completely lacking," says NRC committee member Joy B.
His way of moving the bill along was to try to meet the minimal parochial demands of every committee member.
Summary paragraph: The fiduciary responsibility of investment committee members
Bazinet states that committee members were made aware by Wachusett Regional School District Superintendent Thomas Pandiscio of emails circulating among committee members discussing his dismissal.
Alliance for Ethical Government Committee Member, 1999-2001
In larger committees, it is crucial that each committee member be fully committed to participating and will make committee meetings and interviews a top priority.
The compliance officer and each compliance committee member are interviewed using a series of yes or no questions, such as the following:
org/audcommctr) will support and promote effective audit committees and position the CPA, who has the competencies, ethics and expertise required of financial experts, as the ideal audit committee member.
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