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the act of granting authority to undertake certain functions

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A large portion of a commissioning time is often spent on preparation, which includes development of a commissioning plan, preparation of commissioning documentations, development of operating procedures and handover procedures.
The implementation of commissioning is the most critical part of a compressor station project, which could include acceptance tests, cleaning activities, pre-commissioning, commissioning punch-listing, core commissioning activities and handover to the operation.
The last stage of a commissioning is the close-out, which consists of close-out reservations, complete as-commissioned document mark-ups, the assistance to continued operation, trouble-shooting and the close-down.
As systems are being installed the commissioning provider should inspect items to ensure the proper equipment is located in the correct location.
The final stage of commissioning is the functional performance testing.
These figures are interesting, but the study did not address the scope of commissioning. A closer look is required to tell precisely how these commissioning dollars are being spent.
The BCA, which consists of more than 530 member firms and individuals, maintains a list of 13 "attributes of commissioning" considered to be so fundamental to effective building commissioning that all members agree (in writing) to adhere to them whenever they serve as a project's commissioning authority.
ASHRAE helps further define commissioning by saying that it is "The process of ensuring that systems are designed, installed, functionally tested, and capable of being operated and maintained to perform in conformity with the design intent." Similar to the BCA definition, the ASHRAE one also notes the importance of continuing functionality, something that is heavily tied to operations and maintenance.
A building commissioning plan generally involves four stages:
When commissioning is introduced in the earliest stages of a project, design review, along with assistance in the development of design intent and basis of design, becomes an essential part of the commissioning process.
It is important for engineering professionals to recognize that the commissioning agent is performing its review to enhance the design from an operational and building performance perspective only.
The advisory committee is dedicated to increasing the awareness of the MTNA Composer Commissioning Program and increasing state affiliate participation.
If your state has a Composer Commissioning Advisory Committee, have the committee develop and maintain a list of possible composers to commission in the future.
Finally, you can honor your state's commissioned composer by continuing your participation in the MTNA Composer Commissioning Program and encouraging the commissioned composer to recommend the program to other composers.
--Thomas Ediger, NCTM MTNA Composer Commissioning Chair Nebraska City, Nebraska
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