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The owners' desire to establish closer contacts with federal officials governed their selection of candidates for the commissionership.
54) In fact, ever since Maurice Herzog was nominated, the High Commissionership has kept charging the leaders of the sports movement.
TR accepted the commissionership only after Henry Cabot Lodge and other friends failed to secure his appointment as assistant secretary of state under James G.
French Liberal Jean-Louis Bourlanges, who chairs the Civil Liberties Committee, said that removing fundamental rights from the Italian nominee's brief degraded the JHA Commissionership and showed disrespect to Mr Buttiglione.
128) Unfortunately, Vincent's ascent to the commissionership could not have come at a worse time, nor at a greater cost.
Germany's industry/enterprise job and France being given the transport commissionership means that they have relatively lightweight commissioners, instead of the key economic jobs (such as internal market and competition) as they would have preferred.
The group had hoped for a change in police attitudes following Franco's assumption of the Commissionership, but the group said he seems to have adopted the approach of his predecessors in banning Jews from the Temple Mount whenever Muslims threaten violence against them.
and who became Governor of Ohio soon after his commissionership ended.
Cobb wrote Miller Freeman, "Have wired Timson will accept Commissionership if tendered me.
147) in Anthills are contrasted to play up His Excellency's decision process on Chris' Commissionership.
The Hkampti Long, Hsawngsup and Singkaling Hkampti Shan States were not part of the Shan States Federation, but were under the charge of the Deputy Commissioner, Myitkyina District and Sagaing Commissionership respectively.
Parks said Caruso told of advice he had been given as a 24-year-old commissioner under former Mayor Tom Bradley that ``to be a good commissioner that he should follow the directions and implement the intent of the mayor, and if he couldn't do those two things it was essential that he return his commissionership back to the mayor,'' Parks said.
Attard, `Andrew Fisher, the High Commissionership and the Collapse of Labor', Labour History, no.
Despite his considerable knowledge and interest in Indian affairs, Rhoads was at first reluctant to accept the commissionership.
A mere European Commissionership would not do the trick.
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