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Honorable John Koang Nyuon, the care-taker governor of Jonglei State to relieve Honorable Timothy Taban Joch from Akobo County Commissionership effective and back-dated April 2014 or from the date of his appointment as Akobo Commissioner for accepting the post cheating residents of Akobo County and Jonglei Government," it added.
Under my commissionership members in uniform will not carry arms around the country.
Women are getting ministerial and state commissionership appointments.
45) At the Vichy government's request, the NSC--under the authority of a state commissionership for sports, run by Jean Borotra and then by Colonel Pascot after 1942--became a structure which aimed at ruling the whole of French sports policies.
Zook's text points out that policies encouraging minority media ownership were in place for nearly two decades, initiated by court action and under the FCC commissionership of Benjamin Hooks.
There is no doubt that the NFL became the premier televised sports vehicle in the country under the commissionership of Pete Rozelle, a public relations genius.
TR accepted the commissionership only after Henry Cabot Lodge and other friends failed to secure his appointment as assistant secretary of state under James G.
128) Unfortunately, Vincent's ascent to the commissionership could not have come at a worse time, nor at a greater cost.
Germany's industry/enterprise job and France being given the transport commissionership means that they have relatively lightweight commissioners, instead of the key economic jobs (such as internal market and competition) as they would have preferred.
Cobb wrote Miller Freeman, "Have wired Timson will accept Commissionership if tendered me.
147) in Anthills are contrasted to play up His Excellency's decision process on Chris' Commissionership.
Parks said Caruso told of advice he had been given as a 24-year-old commissioner under former Mayor Tom Bradley that ``to be a good commissioner that he should follow the directions and implement the intent of the mayor, and if he couldn't do those two things it was essential that he return his commissionership back to the mayor,'' Parks said.
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