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a retail store that sells equipment and provisions (usually to military personnel)

a snack bar in a film studio

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"But I tell you, Monsieur Commissary," cried Bonacieux, in his turn, "there is not the least doubt about the matter.
"That's true," murmured the commissary; "PARDIEU, that's true."
At this moment the door was opened quickly, and a messenger, introduced by one of the gatekeepers of the Bastille, gave a letter to the commissary.
"I swear to you, Monsieur Commissary, that you are in the profoundest error, that I know nothing in the world about what my wife had to do, that I am entirely a stranger to what she has done; and that if she has committed any follies, I renounce her, I abjure her, I curse her!"
"Bah!" said Athos to the commissary, "if you have no more need of me, send me somewhere.
The commissary designated by the same gesture Athos and Bonacieux, "Let them be guarded more closely than ever."
"Do as I bade you," cried the commissary, "and preserve absolute secrecy.
The commissary accepts most credit and debit cards, as well as checks.
William Holden, John Wayne, Elizabeth Taylor and Bing Crosby were commissary regulars as well.
According to the study, the net savings comes from the increase in payroll and income taxes and reduction of entitlements that result from the commissary, food service, and custodial programs operating under the JWOD program.
Since your dependent children are still authorized commissary shopping privileges while you are deployed, your parents can take advantage of the Agent Pass Authorization Program.
The Defense Commissary Agency's commissary operations and customer services have been maintained at the same level, and in some cases improved, despite the recent reductions in workforce.
The report cited other barriers to small business suppliers: The Defense Commissary Agency buys products on national contracts.
A commissary is where food, containers and supplies are kept, handled, prepared and packaged.
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