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an official of the Communist Party who was assigned to teach party principles to a military unit

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It is still not clear why the match commissar failed to involve the police to take action against the stewards who bullishly handed the camera to him to deliver to Bandari officials when the match was still in progress.
Back then, fresh-faced people's commissars and their deputies knew that they had drawn a winning ticket when their former bosses were arrested (or worse).
Screening of the film Commissar (1967) by screenwriter and director Aleksandr Askol'dov was forbidden in the Soviet Union for over twenty years.
The race was won by 33-1 chance Commissar, trained by Arthur Budgett and ridden by Bill Rickaby.
Gunter Oettinger, EU Energy Commissar, has welcomed signing of the tripartite intergovernmental agreement on the
Tian Xiusi was named air force political commissar, while Zhu Fuxi is the new commissar of the Chengdu Military Region, which includes much of southwestern China and Tibet, CCTV said.
"The incident has sounded the alarm for the party members and cadres, warning us to effectively check erroneous ideas and harmful tendencies at the outset and combat corruption and moral degeneration," the Washington post quoted Pan Yong, Political Commissar of the Meishan Military Sub-Command, Sichuan Provincial Military Command, as saying.
Five of them, including a deputy head of Luxi County and a commissar with the county public security bureau were fired in June.
If Mr B would reinvent himself as Comrade Brocklebank, commissar of the Liverpool Podium and Sculpture Collective, the structure might yet grace the streets of our city.
This brings me to an issue where I really am "standing on sand": the Commissar Order, which nowhere mentions Jews by name.
It begins with articles written by communist leaders such as Alexandra Kollontai, Nikolai Semashko (a physician who served as commissar of health), and Anatolii Lunacharskii (the commissar of "enlightenment"), then proceeds to belletristic works.
All of this activity served as a prelude to Homeland Security Commissar Michael Chertoff's announcement of a comprehensive "reform" of immigration policy, the centerpiece of which would be the Bush administration's proposed amnesty for illegal aliens.
Enhanced with extensive appendices of original and primary materials, as well as a glossary, a selected bibliography for further study, and an extensive index, American Prisoners Of War In German Death, Concentration, And Slave Labor Camps proceeds to provide an academically rigorous compilation of direct interviews, followed by chapters focusing on the German record with respect to treaty and law regarding POWs; German security services; German POW laws and regulations; the German Commissar Order; and much, much more.
European Agriculture Commissar Franz Fischler will visit Brazil and Argentina between April 26 and 29 to boost the talks on a trade pact between the EU and the four-nation Mercosur Common Market.
Kaganovich, Commissar for Ukraine, set a quota of at least 10,000 executions a week.
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