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reduce to small pieces or particles by pounding or abrading

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Comminution, flotation and leaching programs were completed by SGS Mineral Services in Lima, Peru, while the mineral characterization work was completed by the Research Centre for Mining and Metallurgy (CIMM) and Oruro Technical University (OTU) in Bolivia.
It is noted that key project parameters including the current mineral Resource, metallurgical testwork for the comminution circuit and floatation circuit as well as mine geotechnical and environmental studies are already at a PFS level of accuracy.
The degree of comminution of the fracture was graded using Win-Quist et al grading [6].
"Our mining customers are facing increasing pressure to optimize capital expenses and improve the efficiency of their comminution circuit.
The patient had a C2 fracture according to AO/ASIF classification with dorsal metaphyseal comminution (Figure 1).
Redisplacement after a closed manipulation indicates instability at the fracture site and re-manipulation rarely produces a better radiographic outcome10 and some suggest a dorsal comminution at the metaphysic is the cause.11
The study observed the collection, comminution (i.e., grinding), and transportation of forest residues (Fig.
However, in mountainous terrain, steep adverse grades, weight-restricted bridges and tight curves can limit the feasibility of driving large single trailers to the comminution site (Angus-Hankin et al.
The acquisition of Trio will build upon Weir's existing capabilities in the comminution segment, allowing it to expand its product and service offering, leverage Trio's cost-effective manufacturing platform and exploit cross-selling opportunities in the sand and aggregates sector.
The acquisition would expand Weir's product portfolio, especially for mining customers, and would accelerate its entry into the adjacent comminution market.
It is ideal for fast, effective comminution of soft to medium-hard, brittle and fibrous materials, as well as temperature-sensitive samples and trace analysis.
"We have verified that this method of fragmentation, known as comminution, works for predicting the effects of high-rate shearing of concrete under impact, and in principle it also should work for shale," said Bazant.
However, increasing age, fracture comminution, and dependency are predictors of fracture stability and, if present, are more likely to lead to malunion [12].
Transport and comminution of stumps can be organized in different ways and can involve different vehicles and machines [12].