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Synonyms for comminatory

containing warning of punishment

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The offensive and defensive legal means within the reach of the creditor are: formal notice to the debtor, comminatory damage, comminatory fines, moratorium damages-interests, legal action and enforcement.
Contract notice: comminatory execution phase for local and hospital products to debtors resident in Seine-Saint-Denis.
They scrutinized me as our paths crossed, with almost comminatory insistence.
Aside from an irate tax collector whose comminatory letters have long remained unheeded, there is, more troublingly, the mother's slow descent into mental illness, which leads to her suicide, followed by the father's disappearance.
Always ready to back his advice with deeds, "Captain Tom went sailing from island to island, appearing unexpectedly in various localities, beaming, noisy, anecdotal, commendatory or comminatory, but always welcome" (Conrad 153-154).