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a socialist who advocates communism

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Haravghi reported that all participating parties signed an announcement of solidarity with the struggle of the Cypriot people for freedom and reunification and with the "communist party of the Ukraine that was being persecuted illegally by reactionary forces." The commies did not support the struggle of the Ukrainian people for freedom and reunification because as Andros pointed out in his speech, "imperialism was responsible for creating fascist and neo-Nazi organisations, for example in the Ukraine."
It is the kind of money that would turn pure and idealistic commies into zealous cheerleaders of the most ruthless, capitalist wheeler-dealer.
All parties are at it, but the commies are such bungling incompetents that, even after so many years' experience, they are still messing up, accepting payment by cheque and issuing receipts as well.
AKEL's warnings of the fascist threat became big news and to step up the alarmism the commies even spoke about summer camps for youths, run by fascists.
She avoided mentioning that the state's bankruptcy achieved by the caring commies dramatically increased the number of non-pensioners living below the poverty line.
He had called a news conference to reveal the letter's contents but refrained from doing so because the comrade had signaled his agreement to the memorandum, earlier in the day.The commies nevertheless have tried to present Nik's commendable behaviour as an act of treachery, accusing him of siding with the troika against our great leader, in an effort to wear down Tof's heroic resistance to the nasty neo-liberals of the troika and force him to accept the unfair terms of the memorandum.
The former Governor of the Central Bank Athanasios Orphanides, the man AKEL decided should take the fall for the blameless comrade's criminal incompetence, gave an interview to Sigma TV that had the comrades seething.Orph responded to every lie uttered by the Akelite propaganda machine, rationally explaining all the mega blunders by the comrade which led to the state needing a bailout and debunking the commie myths about him, which most people had bought.
THE COMMIES' audacity and hypocrisy pale when compared to that of Andreas Vgenopoulos, the former executive chairman of Popular Bank, who was in town last week to appear on the TV show of the hard-hitting hack and plagiarist, Chrysanthos Tsououroullis.
That is what I call good and reliable customer service, something that commie countries continue to be rubbish at.
LAST week we had said that the AKEL chief should publicly apologise to Alithia journalist Katerina Eliade, if health minister Stavros Malas was chosen as the commies' presidential candidate.
DIKO rejected an invitation to a municipal elections alliance with DISY and opted to go with AKEL because the commies offered it a better deal -- more mayors.
TONY's commie granny, Mary Blair, who daubed political slogans on the walls of Glasgow, has been whitewashed from the Prime Minister's family history.
Early Monday evening he went to the opening ceremony of a new building of commie sports club AEM in Limassol.
Dr Fox went for the jugular of faltering frontrunner David Davis who made much of being born on a council estate and his commie grandad was on the Jarrow march.
Suddenly, it is acting like an Akel satellite, peddling stability and pandering to our commie rulers.