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a treaty governing commerce between two or more nations

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If you can walk away from an international treaty, it's much more easy to walk away from a commercial treaty,' Ahmad told reporters late on Monday.
For instance, could a commercial treaty do no more than make an international agreement, with Congress actually having to change domestic commerce statutes to satisfy the new international obligation?
Barlow, nevertheless, forged ahead, negotiating a commercial treaty and maritime claims convention with French officials that he brought with him on what turned out to be his final mission--to Napoleon's winter headquarters at Wilna.
When the first Finno-Estonian commercial treaty was prepared, it included a paragraph which claimed that the treaty would serve as a basis for a future customs union.
Indeed, as early as 1876, Japan had secured its own unequal commercial treaty with Korea, while working to remove the unequal treaties imposed on itself by Western powers.
The purpose of the correspondence is to present his new book, in which he defended the recently enacted Anglo-French commercial treaty of 1786 from a critical report put out by the Chamber of Commerce of Normandy.
at 1554 (proposals of Virginia ratifying convention "[t]hat no commercial treaty shall be ratified without the concurrence of two-thirds of the whole number of the Members of the Senate" nor treaties relating to territory or navigation without three-quarters of Senators).
Chapter three explores foreign policy's relation to industrial policy, centering on the Anglo-French Commercial Treaty of 1786.
The clauses, he reminded his colleagues, "inserted in every commercial treaty for the last 40 years, of admitting each nation to an equal footing with that of the most favored, to claim similar privileges," would "destroy the federal reserve system and would in the end compel a resort to direct taxation.
A clear example of this Anglo-German-Russian interaction can be seen in the negotiations for the Anglo-Russian Commercial Treaty of 1734, particularly with regard to the counterbalancing roles of the two main Russian negotiators, Vice Chancellor Count Andrei Osterman and the infamous Count Ernst Johann Biron (Btihren), both ethnic Germans.
In Goldwater, a plurality of the Court held that a challenge to President Carter's unilateral termination of a commercial treaty with Taiwan was a nonjusticiable political question.
There were expectations that a comprehensive commercial treaty with the United States would be sufficiently attractive to entice Mexico to relax its harsh restrictions on private investment in energy markets.
It was followed at the end of the year by a commercial treaty, which John Methuen arranged between Queen Anne's government and the Portuguese regime of Pedro II.
signed a commercial treaty with the Sultan of Muscat (Oman).
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