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In particular, individuals crossing the Armenian-Iranian border, including commercial travelers, would have to fill out customs declarations only in the country of departure.
19 May 2011 - AM Best lowered Wednesday to B (fair) from B+ (good) the financial strength rating (FSR) and to "bb" from "bbb-" the issuer credit rating (ICR) of US Commercial Travelers Mutual Insurance Co.
Millener, General Counsel for the Order of United Commercial Travelers of America.
During the winter months, we get mostly the locals, and government employees who are coming to town on government business, and commercial travelers.
Occupational risk factors for alcohol abuse include: workers in the alcohol industry, entertainers, commercial travelers, bored housewives, bachelors over the age of 40, armed forces personnel, and health care professionals.
She is a volunteer at United Commercial Travelers, where she helps raise funds to assist the mentally and physically disabled.
The commercial travelers, though a kindly race, emitted involuntary noises of pain; a murmur of suppressed jests was heard, as "Shun the bowl," or "Better bring out the cow.
has upgraded the issuer credit rating to "bb+" from "bb" and affirmed the financial strength rating of B (Fair) of Commercial Travelers Mutual Insurance Company (Commercial Travelers) (Utica, NY).
Past President of Worcester Commercial Travelers Assn.
Peter Catholic Church and the United Commercial Travelers, and past members of the Emerald Valley Bowling Association.
This project has received little attention in the past but is becoming an increasingly significant regional route for individual and commercial travelers seeking to avoid driving through the Los Angeles Basin,'' McKeon said.
A few months later, the bank said it would be launching a similar card for commercial travelers in 2012.
The availability of CNG on I-20 in will enhance the opportunity for commercial travelers to switch to a cleaner burning fuel for their transportation needs.
Jude League, Worcester County Mechanics Association and was past president of the Lady's Auxiliary of Worcester Council #136 - United Commercial Travelers.
He is a member of the Knights of Columbus, United Commercial Travelers and the Eagles lodge.
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