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The object of the commercial enterprise consists of production, trade or service supply.
ADAC Director of Marketing & Communications, Mohammed Al Bulooki, led a team from the Abu Dhabi Airports Company to showcase to the aviation community the plans for Abu Dhabi International Airport and the opportunities available to commercial enterprises as plans for the new airport move from the drawing board and come to life.
However, according to the April 6, 2005 Washington Post, the funding actually came from Chelsea Commercial Enterprise Limited, a foreign corporation chartered in the Bahamas.
New London, almost any commercial enterprise could be a "public use" justifying the forced transfer of property from one private owner to another.
The persistence and timing of urban speculators ahead of rural developers, however, made Twin Cities' expansion distinctive, as manufacturing and commercial enterprise preceded agricultural advances.
Anyone interested in supply chain management, codification (cataloging), logistics and engineering support, international standards for data management, and related topics--whether within a military, government, industrial, or commercial enterprise or organization--should attend.
The rapid evolution of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) technologies and their increasing importance to the defense industry has made it clear that defense technology and commercial enterprise must operate as a joint force to meet these requirements.
Alphabetically arranged and presented An Encyclopedic Dictionary Of Women In Early Films, 1895-1930 is an impressive collection of profiles identifying the women who were important to the development of movie making as an art and as a commercial enterprise. Here are the women who worked as producers, publicists, writers, directors, editors, as well as those who were before the cameras as actresses in leading and/or supporting roles.
It's time to put this journey into perspective - a commercial enterprise which earned those concerned plenty.
But "Africanizing" cyberspace is more than a commercial enterprise. There are hundreds of African languages, some of them spoken by only a few elders.
HPC was clearly the birthplace of Lustre, but how far off are you from being adopted in commercial enterprise environments?
These directors would be aggressive in sorting out suspected corporate malfeasance and would not pull any punches when debating issues affecting the future of the commercial enterprise. Serving as an independent director would be the only horse they had in the race.
"As Chairman of the Real Property Tax Committee and 10-year Albany lawmaker, I am always looking for legislative remedies for residents and businesses that call New York City home and which would help to encourage housing growth and foster commercial enterprise," said Assemblyman Brian McLaughlin.
More important, however, is the discussion of how to organize and prioritize the recovery work, and upon what criteria to base a decision to keep recovery inside or outsource it to a commercial enterprise.
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