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a financial institution that accepts demand deposits and makes loans and provides other services for the public

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By the end of 2015, there were 132 city commercial banks in China.
Commercial Bank is also running an advertisement campaign in local newspapers to further support Qatar Career Fair initiatives.
believed that Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank, being the first provincial rural commercial bank to launch share offering in Hong Kong, served as a role model.
Commercial banks and life insurance companies originated the bulk of foreclosed or restructured loans: 55.
North Fork and Commercial Bank compete directly in the Metropolitan New York/New Jersey banking market ("New York banking market").
Commercial Bank said that the new branch is intended to take advantage of the area's status as a retail hub and its location in the heart of Manhattan's middle-market commercial, service and import-export district.
The total assets of large-scale rural commercial banks like Beijing Rural Commercial Bank surpass RMB300 billion, while that of small-sized ones are merely above RMB1 billion each.
Historically, commercial banks have been the major providers of credit and other financial services to small businesses.
According to the statistics of China Banking Regulatory Commission, 62 city commercial banks set up 103 branches in places other than their home cities in China in 2010; over 40 city commercial banks made plans to go public.
If a financial service was not obtained from one of the first six institutions, the SCF requested that the respondent identify the type of supplier (for example, commercial bank, credit union, automobile finance company).
Almost afl small and medium-sized businesses use a local commercial bank regardless of the number of nonbank or nonlocal institutions they use.
I would argue that what is most important is that a commercial bank help meet the borrowing country's overall financial needs viewed from a long-term perspective; the form of its participation is much less important.
As a result of this rapid growth, real estate loans in 1988 climbed to more than 20 percent of commercial bank assets, edging out C&I loans as banks' largest single loan category.
Among over 60 city commercial banks mentioned in the report, the total assets of Bank of Beijing, the largest city commercial bank, hit RMB417 billion in 2008, and the number of city commercial banks with over RMB100 billion of total assets accounted for 10%, and the average total assets was RMB50 billion.
com/research/a58791/china_rural_commer) has announced the addition of the "China Rural Commercial Bank Industry Report, 2009" report to their offering.
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