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an illustrator who is supported by advertising

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POET, writer, calligraphist, commercial artist, painter and designer - meet Shaukat Ali Naz, a man of many talents.
Ruscha, who was born in Nebraska and raised in Oklahoma before escaping the provincial city for Los Angeles as a teenager with the idea of becoming a commercial artist, studied at California's fine art school Chouinard Art Institute.
On that day, Norman's second wife Mary and their friend Bud Cunningham (an out-of-work commercial artist and part-time handyman) had dropped by Norman's studio in New Rochelle, New York.
A commercial artist and designer whose career included stints at Boeing and Kaiser Graphic Arts and creating animations of Apollo space flights for CBS News, McQuarrie's conceptual paintings were crucial in winning 20th Century Fox's approval to put 'Star Wars' in production.
Commercial Artist had been a smart performer for Victor Bowens, winning the Ericsson at Leopardstown in 1994, but by this stage he was a 13-year-old hunter chaser, while Back Bar was also getting on and had done nothing of note since joining McCain from Arthur Moore.
A selection of the work he carried out as a commercial artist early in his career will also be on display.
Wright is also a well known commercial artist and his paintings and drawings of the Old West, Railroads and Aviation art is worthy of a spot in your gun room, too.
The father-of-three, who trained as a commercial artist, said he wished he had found watercolours earlier in his life.
Jeff Cohen worked as a commercial artist and illustrator until 2000, when he began to devote all of his professional efforts to fine art.
Figures from Mexican history such as Hernan Cortes and Porfirio Diaz, and a commercial artist Rivera liked, Jose Guadalupe Posada, can also be found.
Allen, a commercial artist and president of a visual effects and design and consultancy company, and Connor (Academy of Art U.
ANDY WARHOL: POP ARTIST surveys his career as a commercial artist and his perspective on painting, and is a perfect pick for kids in grades 4-6 who are receiving introductions to modern artists.
Featuring black/white photographs of Anasazi ruins, Rose Stadler's "Parallel Lives" combines mystery with romance in the Arizona desert as the talented commercial artist Patricia White strives against White Dove (third wife of a stone-age Anasazi chief) and contend in a no-holds-barred contest for the man they both love but only one can have.
Equinet will be the exclusive marketing and sales agent for the new development of 66 commercial artist lofts in Greentpoint, Brooklyn.
His mother was a commercial artist and his grandfather loved drawing, too.
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