commercial activity

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activity undertaken as part of a commercial enterprise

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She lamented that while municipal areas meant to do the commercial activity are being penalised, hotels near Delhi airport are let off.
Moreover, he pointed out that the DED aims by implementing this campaign with its strategic partners in a number of areas across the Emirate to send a clear message to the owners of the concerned shops who sell car spare parts and the individuals as well regarding the importance of adhering to the conditions and requirements of the commercial activity practice and maintaining the trademarks rights, protecting intellectual property, ensure free competition among all, and protect the consumer against commercial fraud.
Under cantonment laws, commercial outlets cannot be established in residential areas, and commercial activity should be limited to marketplaces.
Whilst this position remains subject to formal confirmation by MOICT, such a development may be of particular interest to businesses based in other GCC jurisdictions which are owned 51% by local citizens (for example, in the United Arab Emirates or Qatar) who wish to establish a business presence in Bahrain to engage in a commercial activity which traditionally requires 51% Bahraini ownership.
Thomas, who will be based in New York, will be responsible for the airline's commercial activity, as well as further growing its relationships with trade and corporate partners with immediate effect.
Moreover, in regard to DGFM's citing, in support of its propositions, "Vermeulen, which expressed that '[t]he sale of merchandise is a quintessential commercial activity.
It's a time of celebration, a time of bustling commercial activity.
With over 20 years' experience in the public and private sector, Iain Nixon joins the college as part of the senior leadership team helping grow apprenticeship provision, secure European funding and generate commercial activity through a broad range of employer-facing services.
14) The district court denied the motion to dismiss in part, and held that jurisdiction could be asserted over UTICo's breach of contract claim related to the May Agreement and October Agreement under the commercial activity exception to FSIA even though the language was ambiguous and required extrinsic evidence to determine the parties' intent.
The EU Court of Justice ruled, on 21 March, that French regulations exempting from VAT certain transactions related to ships carrying passengers or exercising a commercial activity are not compatible with EU legislation.
In his opening remarks, Reggy Peter Broers, chief executive officer of Port of Duqm Company Vermeulen and commercial director of the Port of Duqm, stated that the inauguration of the Port of Duqm, marking the commencement of commercial activity at the port, is the first step towards a bright future for Oman.
Russian oppositional lawmaker Gennady Gudkov may be stripped of his mandate over his involvement in commercial activity while in office.
The report pointed out registering of seven new public shareholder companies and renewing commercial activity to 23 branches of new public shareholder companies and 14 private shareholder companies during the first quarter of 2012.
The Board of Appeals (Board) granted the variance on the condition that all commercial activity cease upon execution of the deed dividing the property into two parcels.
ARBIL / Aswat al-Iraq: The Hajj Umran border crossing has resumed its commercial activity with Iran after Eid al-Fitr (Lesser Bairam) vacation, according to its director.
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