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Synonyms for comment

Synonyms for comment

critical explanation or analysis

an expression of fact or opinion

to state facts, opinions, or explanations

Synonyms for comment

a written explanation or criticism or illustration that is added to a book or other textual material

explain or interpret something

provide interlinear explanations for words or phrases

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The incentive for commenting on others' papers was cloudier, Mathur notes.
These issues are rarely directly addressed in the sample, with seven reviews indicating currency of the material, and five specifically commenting on how well the content relates to the user's apparent needs.
In general, those commenting raised two objections:
Approximately 4% of those commenting agreed with the FASB's approach.
19, 2002, Pam Pecarich (then TEC chair) submitted a letter to House Ways and Means Committee Chair Bill Thomas, commenting on HR 5095.
TEI welcomes the release of the tax shelter package and looks forward to commenting on its myriad details.
A legislative body of a local agency may prohibit a candidate running for office from conducting campaign speeches during the public comment portion of the meeting if the candidate is not commenting on matters within the subject matter jurisdiction of the legislative body,'' Bradbury responded in a letter to Markey.
In that regard, commenting on what works well with the program is just as important as comments about areas for improvement.
FASB Practice Fellow Michael Tovey added, "Another important reason for issuing this Invitation to Comment was to provide information that our constituents would find useful in analyzing and commenting on the IASB exposure draft.