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Synonyms for commensurateness

the relation of corresponding in degree or size or amount

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Another valid issue is the commensurateness with which these voluntary respondents reflect USU's actual student body.
In drawing a moral commensurateness between the jihadists and the Bush administration and its supporters, Beinart recklessly trucks with the hatred that has poisoned the liberal spirit among Democrats.
If it should turn out that it is only by according epistemological significance to distinctive experiential states that a particular commensurateness between persons and world can be discovered, then the a priori discounting of those states would permanently preclude finding such truth.
We come to see Alisoun in dualistic terms--as one who seems simply to be the tale's tool for setting the plot in motion, but also as one who gives as good, or better, as she gets in ways that suggest her own participation in the narrative's logic of commensurateness.