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Synonyms for commensurate

Synonyms for commensurate

properly or correspondingly related in size, amount, or scale

Antonyms for commensurate

corresponding in size or degree or extent

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Once employees reach that plateau, this element of their emotional well-being doesn't get commensurately higher, no matter how much more they make.
We have always been exceedingly fortunate in our Associates, and commensurately grateful for the honor they do us; he is a superb carrying on of the tradition, and we thank him most heartily.
This means 53 per cent more product per load can be carried than in a standard refrigerated trailer, making them commensurately more environment-friendly.
It has been conclusively proven that when young people are provided with the truth about drugs—factual information on what drugs are and what they do—usage rates drop commensurately.
The increasingly hectic schedule of England and England Lions games means that counties who supply the best players are affected commensurately.
However, elevated and sticky inflation has constrained the RBI from easing policy rates commensurately.
At that velocity, reaction times are impossibly short and the damage done by collision commensurately massive.
And when things pick up, which will eventually happen, it is important that businesses reward their people commensurately.
Modern equipment and highly efficient production processes mean low costs with commensurately high net marginsasufficient capacity for considerable additional growth.
If the chief executive suite wants more out of its risk manager, it can expand the sides of the box, and pay its risk manager commensurately, thank you very much.
The low-hanging fruit for store brands involves cherry-picking sales at the expense of smaller brands with commensurately smaller marketing support budgets.
From a pure investment perspective, the pace of this downturn will commensurately provide opportunity - and possibly those opportunities could be all the greater as markets tend to devalue assets to a greater extent than their real worth.
Rothkin said that the spaces would likely lease for commensurately high rates.
The findings are a warning to the authorities that top talent will look elsewhere if they are not remunerated commensurately with their international peers.
He said since 2000, the MEA region was one of the few remaining monopolistic telecom markets around the world, with commensurately low penetration rates for mobile and fixed line services.