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either of two different animal or plant species living in close association but not interdependent

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living in a state of commensalism

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Oh, COMMENSAL, don't wait for pater, Don't WARRIGAL, he'll be OK".
Symptomatology classically associated with depletion of commensal microflora includes the infestation of non-commensal organisms, including H.
This effort should lead to: new insights into complex GI tract microbial communities, including their molecular profiles and communication within and between these communities and the host; the application of functional genomics to selected species of commensal lactic acid bacteria, including bifidobacteria; a predictive approach to metabolic engineering; biologically based antimicrobials; and smart probiotics that eliminate pathogens, alleviate inflammatory disease and deliver vaccine antigens.
Health food stores are widespread, including some in Metro stops, and many neighborhood grocers had more vegetarian food than their US counterparts, including pre-packaged Le Commensal dishes.
In the published studies, the monoclonal microbial, an anaerobic commensal microbe isolated from a human biopsy sample, led to a decrease in activity of Th17 inflammatory cells and an increase in the activity and frequency of regulatory T-cells.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 25, 2017-Imvescor Restaurant Terminates Agreement to Sell Groupe Commensal Operations to Pasta Romana
Organisms isolated from respiratory secretions could be a contaminant, commensal or the true pathogen.
The emergence of human and animal pathogens resistant to one or more antibiotics coupled with the realization of the damage inflicted by broad-spectrum antibiotics on the commensal biome has led to an increased focus on bacteriocin modes of action.
Presented by investigators at the University of California, San Diego, at a recent meeting of the Society for Investigative Dermatology, the study showed that atopic dermatitis is marked by a defect in the commensal skin bacteria which normally keep S.
80 faeces/m2 of grain conveyor belts) of a related commensal rodent species (roof rat) within only a month exposure period under real world farm conditions.
Study Selection: A total of 49 original articles were selected in accordance with our main objective to illustrate the resistance mechanism(s) by which commensal microbiota can contribute to host defense against local and systemic infections.
Over the past decade, researchers have learned that some commensal skin bacteria secrete compounds that inhibit excess inflammation during injury.
January 16, 2014 -- Scientists here have promoted health and increased lifespan in Drosophila by altering the symbiotic, or commensal, relationship between bacteria and die absorptive cells lining the intestine.
17 ( ANI ): Researchers have promoted health and increased lifespan in Drosophila by altering the symbiotic, or commensal, relationship between bacteria and the absorptive cells lining the intestine.