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either of two different animal or plant species living in close association but not interdependent

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living in a state of commensalism

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In addition to their effect on the body's immune response, commensal bacteria enhance skin health by inhibiting pathogen growth.
Although neither genus is known for abundant skeletal malformations, Pycnocrinus is renowned among Cincinnatian crinoids for the high relative abundance of specimens exhibiting attached platyceratid gastropods (Ausich 1999), seemingly reflecting a commensal or parasitic relationship.
The increased portion of legumes indicates that favorable conditions for the southern flora species appear in commensal habitats.
It is difficult to establish if M buteonis was a commensal bacteria before the introduction of other bacteria for this kestrel, or if an event exposed the kestrel to several different bacteria simultaneously.
Doctors might someday be able to adjust immune suppression in newborns as needed to welcome more commensal bacteria or fend off pathogens that pose risks.
However, when some of the mice were intestinally colonized with segmented filamentous bacteria--common commensal inhabitants of the mouse gut--they developed the disease upon being immunized with the central nervous system antigens.
The functional effects of commensal bacteria on CD4+ cells differentiation have led to the emerging concept that microbiota composition determines CD8+ cell balance, immune responsiveness, and homeostasis.
The topics include methods for characterizing microbial communities associated with the human body, how host genetics and the enteric microbiota conspire to promote Crohn's disease, whether microbiota of the mouth are a blessing or a curse, understanding how commensal microorganisms influence host immunity and health, and isolation and cultivation procedures in the genomic age.
However, a growing number of antimicrobial resistance studies of non-clinical bacteria collected from environmental sources suggest that the incidence of drug-resistance traits is increasing in commensal bacteria (Institute of Medicine, 1999; Aarestrup et al.
Effect of garlic powder on the growth of commensal bacteria from the gastrointestinal tract.
Human milk is universally considered as the best nutrition for the new born infant and recent research has revealed that, in addition to its nutritional value, it represents a constant supply of commensal, non-pathogenic and potential probiotic bacteria to the infant gastrointestinal tract.
Sugars in breast milk are essential for the development of the newborn immune system and the growth of beneficial commensal bacteria in the gut.
An ecological view of multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) and fibromyalgia recognizes that the delicate symbiotic equilibrium of commensal microbiotica is disrupted.
Lack of a correlation between host density and commensal infection intensity may indicate that D.