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Also, he acknowledged the satisfactory progress of three districts and paid commendatory remarks to the staff.
The representation of Prosecution Department was made by DPGs Rauf Watto, Zahid Malik and Rizwan who were awarded commendatory certificates by Special Assistant to Chief Minister Rana Maqbool Ahmad.
Later, the DG also distributed commendatory certificates among the participants in the CADR course.
The officer also awarded cash prizes and commendatory certificates to the traffic wardens during the Christmas cake-cutting ceremony held at his office on Thursday.
The DPO also awarded commendatory certificates to the raid party of the CIA police.
DIG Investigation Zulfiqar Hameed announced cash and commendatory certificates for the raiding team.
Leggatt's "survey of the self-presentation of the playwright" (139) details not only how playwrights' names on title pages "become increasingly common" after the 1590s (131), but also the rise of "a community of writers who know each other's work and are prepared to support each other" through commendatory verses (132).
DIG Investigation Sultan Ahmad Chaudhry has announced cash and commendatory certificates for raiding team.
The CIA police officials who busted the gang have been awarded commendatory certificates and cash prizes, the DPO said.
The CPO lauded their performance and awarded cash prizes and commendatory certificates.
Behn, despite her own demurrals, is credited with an equally respectable set of intellectual influences; Chernaik deals well with her imitation of Tasso's "Golden Age" and the commendatory poem she writes for Creech's De Natura Rerum.
Vehari District Police Officer Umar Saeed Malik has announced cash and commendatory certificates for the police team.
DIG Investigations Sultan Ahmad Chaudhry announced cash and commendatory certificate for the team.
While some readers will be familiar with the passages quoted above, no one to my knowledge has noted that Marvell's "On Paradise Lost," the famous commendatory poem of "misdoubting" prefixed to the 1674 edition of Milton's epic, has a clear model in an earlier commendatory poem in the Stoic tradition: Ben Jonson's "To my chosen Friend, The learned Translator of Lucan, Thomas May, Esquire.
SSP investigation has announced commendatory certificates for the raiding team.