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the day on which university degrees are conferred


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Roberts, whose wife, Jane Sullivan Roberts, is a 1976 graduate of the school and a college trustee, made his remarks about the high court's role vis-a-vis the executive and legislative branches when he told graduates that May 25, their commencement day, was also the date that delegates met in constitutional convention in Philadelphia in 1787 to begin work on a framework for a new government.
A newspaper notice concerning the extension will be published on the commencement day of the extended term.
On commencement day, the media may enter the campus through the 116th and Broadway gate.
This includes the underwriters' over- allotment option of 3,202,875 additional common shares which was exercised on July 20, 1995, the commencement day of the offering.
Greg ``Jazma'' Ryan, a music grad hoping to be a pop singer, described commencement day as equal parts ``bittersweet and exciting'' - depending on whether one has a career-caliber job lined up or ``you're going out to a 9-to-5 office job.
On display, however, is the same old scenario by the same old mentality, as evidenced by the 1993 Harvard Commencement Day address by General Colin Powell is a case in point ("Keeping the Peace in a Post-Cold War World," Harvard Gazette, June 18, 1993, pp.
The staff have completely shifted their focus to serving as personal coaches and headhunters during the 100-day period that began on Pitt-Johnstown's April 25 commencement day.
We agree with pretty much all the commencement day litany: Never give up.
Though much-coveted by business leaders, some experts complain that the real worth of the honorary degree exists only in the mind of the individual who traded it for a half-hour speech on commencement day or a generous donation.
Each year on high-school commencement day, she presented a silver spoon engraved with a Jamestown historical site to each of the graduates she had delivered.
On commencement day, according to news reports, about a quarter of the 900 graduates wore "God is not a Republican or a Democrat" buttons pinned to their gowns.
Last Commencement day at Harvard [2001] we had the usual three student speeches.
The American University of Beirut (AUB) removed an announcement from its website Thursday about its Commencement Day on June 25 during which honorary doctorates will be awarded to six individuals for their notable achievements in a variety of fields.
Addressing graduating students on commencement day, May 15, Fonteyn announced, "Your logic won the day and the result was SAGE Hall-a building that epitomizes GMC's dedication to academic excellence and sustainability.
The AmericanUniversity of Beirut announced today the names of three Honorary Degree candidates who will receive honorary doctorates of humane letters in a ceremony in the Assembly Hall at noon on Commencement Day, June 26, 2010.