commencement day

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the day on which university degrees are conferred


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No one will be prouder on Commencement Day than Verna, her family and her employer--and the Trinity faculty and advisors who supported her.
On commencement day, according to news reports, about a quarter of the 900 graduates wore "God is not a Republican or a Democrat" buttons pinned to their gowns.
Commencement Day was a bittersweet occasion for Snell, though, since he broke his thumb in the first inning of the traditional varsity-alumni baseball game that day.
Last Commencement day at Harvard [2001] we had the usual three student speeches.
Though much-coveted by business leaders, some experts complain that the real worth of the honorary degree exists only in the mind of the individual who traded it for a half-hour speech on commencement day or a generous donation.
Greg ``Jazma'' Ryan, a music grad hoping to be a pop singer, described commencement day as equal parts ``bittersweet and exciting'' - depending on whether one has a career-caliber job lined up or ``you're going out to a 9-to-5 office job.
On display, however, is the same old scenario by the same old mentality, as evidenced by the 1993 Harvard Commencement Day address by General Colin Powell is a case in point ("Keeping the Peace in a Post-Cold War World," Harvard Gazette, June 18, 1993, pp.
We agree with pretty much all the commencement day litany: Never give up.
Eric earned his degree in economics and on commencement day in 1985, we both sat in the section for business students.
More than 260 men and women from across the country and several international students will be recognized on commencement day as CMC awards bachelor of arts degrees to the Class of 2000.
Eric Petry was just one drop in a river of green Monday, and like many other University of Oregon graduates on this commencement day, he was more interested in going with the flow than worrying about where his life's journey might take him tomorrow.
30 as part of National Job Corps Commencement Day commemorating the signing of the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, which led to the Job Corps' creation.
Summary: The American University of Beirut announced today the candidates for four honorary doctorates to be awarded at a ceremony on campus, in Assembly Hall at noon on Commencement Day, June 27, 2009.
He was set to get his degree from Worcester State many years ago, but was told on commencement day that he wouldn't graduate because of an off-campus incident.
Gregory Dunkin isn't your typical commencement day speaker.